FREDDY ORDINE (WEAPONS OF ANEW): “I Wanted To Do Something Completely Out Of Our Genre That People Wouldn’t Expect And We Could Put Our Vibe And Stamp On It”

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Former HavocHate guitarist Freddy Ordine and Spread Eagle vocalist Ray West formed Weapons of Anew around 2015. In 2017 the New Jersey based band released their debut album The Collision of Love and Hate. Weapons of Anew toured with Tesla, Metal Allegiance, Alter Bridge, and Scott Stapp (Creed). The band released a live EP in 2019. Recently, Weapons of Anew recorded a cover of The Chainsmoker’s “Sick Boy” and put their own Hard Rock/Funk stamp on it. I caught up with guitarist Freddy Ordine to talk about the band, the new single, and whether it’s leading to a new studio album.

Metal Express Radio: If I knew nothing about Weapons of Anew, how would you describe the band’s music to me?

Freddy Ordine: That’s always a hard question for me. I’m so close to it. To me it’s a glimpse into me and Ray [West’s] ‘crazy.’ It’s us! Everything we’ve been through or go thru is right there. Musically we groove. It’s a perfect mix of heavy, melodic, and moody.

MER: Weapons of Anew recently released a single ahead of your next studio album. It’s a cover of The Chainsmokers’ “Sick Boy.” How did you decide on that particular cover?

FO: We have been throwing around the idea of doing a cover for years. For me, I wanted to do something completely out of our genre that people wouldn’t expect and we could put our vibe and stamp on it. I had worked on the arrangement before I even brought the idea to the rest of the guys. I was sure if they were gonna fight me, but to my amazement Ray and Reno loved it.

MER: Your next studio album is scheduled for some time in 2021. How far are you in the process? Do you have a title?

FO: Record’s all done and going to be titled The Art of War. We finished it around June. We are just waiting until all this uncertainty is over with so we can actually go out and support and build this thing.

MER: When do you expect to release another single?

FO: We are currently thinking February or March. We’ve been super lucky with “Sick Boy” and the chart success we are having at radio. As soon as the momentum from that starts to slow we will put another out.

MER: Former Black Label Society/Breaking Benjamin drummer Chad Szeliga recently joined the band. How did you settle on Chad for the position?

FO: We had spoken to and had a few guys track some, I guess I’d call them test takes, to see if they were even close to what we were looking for before we had anyone come and get in the room with us. Chad’s name came up to me from our producer and then again our manager. So we sent Chad a few songs. Within a day or so he sent back his parts done. I was blown away with what his dynamics and swing brought to the songs. We spent a few days talking, bullshitting, and just getting to know each other on the phone then had him come in. There was no doubt he was the guy. On a personal level, on a musicianship level, he is the real deal!

MER: Weapons of Anew has opened up for a few notable bands over the years. What do you remember about your experience and performances with…

Alter Bridge – This was an exciting time for us. We had never played a show prior to this tour as WOA. We had about 2 weeks notice that it was happening. We had been writing and recording our 1st record for about a year. We were like caged up animals ready to just pounce.

Tesla – Was a fun tour! The guys in Tesla and their crew were super cool to us. It was definitely an odd mix being we are much heavier then Tesla. I remember Frank [Hannon] coming up to me before they would go on stage and saying is anyone out there still alive or did u guys melt all their faces??

Metal Allegiance – The shows with them are always a fun hang. It’s great to see and catch up with old friends, make new friends, and just chill. I’d say out of all the tours we have done, these were probably the lowest stress level shows. It’s just a cool fun vibe.

MER: What inspired the band’s name?

FO: Ray had come up with it. We were talking and being we both had past bands, we wanted anew musical weapon. Something that we could do whatever we wanted and not be boxed in.

Photo by Elena Jasic

MER: You recently showed off your ESP guitar collection on Facebook. How many guitars do you have? Which one is your favorite?

FO: A shit load! I’m a guitar/amp hoarder. I can’t seem to part with anything gear related. I’m pretty sure I have a problem. I’ve been super blessed with the support ESP has given me since I started Weapons in ’15. They have went out of their way for me many, many times. I can’t thank Tony and everyone at ESP enough. Although I have a ton of ESP’s, I also have a mix of stuff. Old strats, Les Paul’s, some Vai and Satch guitars, a little bit of everything. I’m really loving my new green ESP USA M7 they built for me. That thing is soooooo bad ass.

MER: Who are your guitar heroes?

FO: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, James Hetfield, Marty Friedman, and Dave Mustaine. In no particular order. Everyone of them has had some sort of life altering effect on me.

MER: You were the guitarist for HavocHate in the early 2000’s. What happened with that band? I gave Cycle of Pain a 5 out of 5 at Rock Is back in 2005, but there was never a follow-up….

FO: Awesome! Thank you. Honestly, I just needed a break from all the craziness attached to that band and the lifestyle we were living. I had my youngest son about 2 yrs prior to releasing that record and wanted to be home, get my shit together, and raise him the best I could. I just felt I needed a break. I didn’t know it was going to be a 10 yr break though.

Weapons of Anew is:

Ray West – Vocals
Freddy Ordine – Guitar
Stefan “Reno” Cutrupi – Bass
Chad Szeliga – Drums

Photo: Elena Jasic

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