SHADOW TRIBE – Reality Unveiled

SHADOW TRIBE - Reality Unveiled
  • 7.4/10
    SHADOW TRIBE - Unveiled Reality - 7.4/10

SHADOW TRIBE - Unveiled Reality

Label: Pride & Joy Music
Release date: November 20, 2020

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German-influenced Finnish Power Metal

Shadow Tribe is a new Finnish Power Metal band, presenting the world with their debut album Reality Unveiled. The brainchild of bass player Markoi Pukklla (Altaria, Stargazery) and singer Kimmo Perämäki (Celesty, Spiritus Mortis, Masquerage), Shadow Tribe offers a variety of Power Metal very close to recent Melodic Rock releases without letting down on the Metal elements, yet avoiding the sameness of the genre’s high-bpm double bass ridden clichés.

The seasoned duo is complemented by guitarist Simo Prittimaa and King Satan drummer Petri Heinonen. Pukklla is a well known name in the European Power Metal scene and manages many bands, including Shadow Tribe themselves. Kimmo handles mixing and mastering duties of the self-produced Reality Unveiled, and is also the mastermind behind the interesting album cover art.

In Reality Unveiled, Shadow Tribe delivers interesting melodies, dueling vocal lines in the style of Edguy’s Tobias Sammet, great guitar riffs that edge more on classic Hard Rock than modern Heavy Metal, and the genre’s staple of harmonized lead guitar melodies and soaring guitar solos. One could say they are closer to Masterplan and Edguy in their sound than to the usual Finnish Power Metal sound as practiced by the likes of Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius.

Production and Performance

Kimmo Perämäki’s vocals sound like a cross between Helloween’s Michael Kiske and Stratovarius’ Timo Kotipelto while adding his own flavor. Drums and bass are competent and lay down a good foundation for the tracks without standing out.

Production could be better, and the whole album has a bit of a rough mix feel to it. It could really benefit from being mixed by someone who maybe wasn’t involved in the recording process and mastered by another pair of fresh ears. It is still competent, being able to convey every instrument in the music, but overall sounds a little bit muffled, especially the drums. Vocals could be more upfront and polished, guitars are a little too forward, and bass is barely noticeable. An enjoyable listen nonetheless.

Album Breakdown

Album opener “Splinters of a Hologram” dabbles between Nightwish-esque melodies and synth passages and great epic Edguy-like moments. It’s a great showcase of what the album is about to bring, with a chorus that has an anthem-like quality to it. The synth solo is an unexpectedly amazing high point of this epic.

The heavier “Chrsystaromancy” takes you closer to traditional heavy metal territory with some eastern influences sprinkled here and there. The verses especially give off a vibe similar to Bruce Dickinson’s last efforts in his solo career with Roy Z.

“Headstrong” is Power Metal by the numbers, honoring the band’s Finnish heritage, but never falling into the trap of sounding like any of the big names of the genre. Kimmo’s vocals approach to singing this track and the harmonized vocal lines contrast well with the Tolkki-inspired guitar passages.

The second single of Reality Unveiled, “Speck of Sawdust” brings out a more symphonic and progressive side of Shadow Tribe. Without going full-on progressive, the band shows a more sophisticated dynamic in this power ballad, pulling off a sound not far removed from compatriots Pagan’s Mind.

“Connection” is more of a straight-out Heavy Metal track, with the mandatory Power Metal Halford-esque high pitched scream in the beginning. Probably the heaviest track in the record, and a nice break from the intense melodicness of the previous songs.

“A World Taken Hostage” leans again into the band’s progressive and heavy sides, but also pulls a bit of a neoclassical vibe without fully abandoning the Edguy inspired vocal melodies and harmonies that permeate the work so far.

The mellowest track in Reality Unveiled, “Many Tears To Go” shows the band doubling down on the symphonic, and exploring the Stratovarius influence a little bit deeper, without sounding like a copycat in any moment. With a better chorus, this song had the potential to become a Power Metal mainstay, and falls just short of it but the bridge more than makes up for it bringing in something new and another masterful synth solo.

”We weren’t there” is the first time a track feels like it’s just padding out the record in Reality Unveiled. Nothing remarkable to say here, besides the slightly riskier arpeggiated synth lines bringing a bit of a synthwave element into the bridges.

The main single in Reality Unveiled, “Stolen Fate” sees the band playing it safe and remaining close to the familiar Finnish Power Metal formula, while executing it competently.

Closing the album, “Instant Heaven” is more of an Arena Rock piece than Power Metal material, bringing welcome variety and cleansing the palate. The harmonized guitar leads are the star of the track, as well as the more tame singing that shows a different and pleasant facet of Perämäki’s voice.


Reality Unveiled is an enjoyable listen for the Power Metal fan. Fans of Edguy and Masterplan will probably particularly enjoy the band’s tasteful blend of the Finnish and German schools of the style. Amazingly, they manage to avoid the genre’s mainstay of track after track of bombastic double bass drums attack and fast tempos, delivering a less tiring experience to the listener, while keeping them hooked with interesting melodies and varied soundscapes.

A valiant debut album that showcases the great musicianship in the band, while scoring a solid middle ground with the compositions. One can’t help but look forward to what they might accomplish in a sophomore release with more competent production and more mature songwriting.



  1. Splinters Of A Hologram
  2. Christaromancy
  3. Headstrong
  4. Speck Of Sawdust
  5. Connection
  6. A World Taken Hostage
  7. Many Tears To Go
  8. We Weren’t There
  9. Stolen Fate
  10. Instant Heaven

Shadow Tribe Is:

Kimmo Perämäki – vocals
Simo Pirttimaa – guitars
Marko Pukkila – bass
Petri Heinonen – drums


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  1. What’s up (my tribe)? This is Shad of ShadowTribe California. Awesome concept for a bandname my parents came up with in early January of 1972. But we are a Tribe So the more dark warriors the better.? We also rock and Im a graphic artist and I have many artistic ShadowTribe outlets like E-trikes, metal, truckclub,ectra. Lets talk cause we got alot in common.

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