SORCERESS OF SIN – Mirrored Revenge

SORCERESS OF SIN - Mirrored Revenge
  • 7/10
    SORCERESS OF SIN - Mirrored Revenge - 7/10


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Release date: November 27, 2020

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Mirrored Revenge is the debut album from Melodic Power Metal hopefuls Sorceress Of Sin. Fronted by big-voiced singer Lisa Skinner, the five members of Sorceress Of Sin have had long apprenticeships in the music industry at various levels, with a few having served time in various bands both over and under the radar. Perhaps best known is multi-instrumentalist Tom Maclean, guitarist for To-Mera and former bassist of UK Progressive Metalists Haken. Maclean is the production engineer and also contributed some bass guitar, although the main bass duties on the album are performed by Topher O’Meagher (Gehtika). Rounding out the band are relative newcomers to recording Constantine Kanakis on guitar and Skinner’s husband Paul on the drums.

The album opens with “Vixen Of Virtue”–Sorceress Of Sin love alliteration. In addition to the bands name, the device shows up in several more of the album’s titles–“Splintered Shard”, “Echoes Of Existence”, “Cold Carnality”. From the opening verses, Skinner shows herself to have both power and range, although there are points in both this song and the next, “Multifaceted Survival” where her control is a bit off, resulting in some borderline shrill notes. There might be some intentionality in the technique, however–she goes into a higher range to underscore unexpected words and syllables. Like a great deal of experimentation, the technique is jarring at first but after repeated listening becomes a welcome signature technique.

Skinner and Sorceress Of Sin hit their stride on the title track, easily the strongest Mirrored Revenge‘s ten offerings. She belts out thrilling long sustained notes with none of the dissonance of the earlier tracks, and the rhythm section develops a tight, quick groove that Kankis lays one of the better solos of the album atop. Follow up “Wicked Distortion” is a solid track riding Paul Skinner’s kick drums into expansive choruses. “Splintered Shard” begins with a promising riff, and has some interesting silences, spoken word lyrics, and keyboard atmospherics. “Today is the day you find your voice”, Skinner sings before going into choral mode alongside the first of two guitar solos.

“Aradia” has Skinner going into soprano ranges, and interesting contrast with the galloping pulse of the band. She shines singing the high, airy choruses of “Echoes Of Existence”, the album’s obligatory ballad. She’s less convincing on the lower notes where she adds some gruff and growly tones here but comes back stronger on “Parallel Lies”, beginning with an operatic style before going into a more Metal delivery.

“Cold Carnality” and the headlong thrasher “Empyre Of Stones” close out Mirrored Revenge; overall a solid debut from a young band with some promise and skill.


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