TORCH – Reignited

TORCH - Reignited
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    TORCH - Reignited - 6/10


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Release date: September 25, 2020

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The Backstory

Swedish Heavy Metal act Torch begin in 1981 and by 1986 they were gone. In that 5 year period they released their Fire Raiser EP (1982), Torch (1983) and Electrikiss (1984). The albums were solid, but after a series of label and management setbacks, Torch just couldn’t get to that next level. After reunion shows in 2013 and 2018, the band decided it was time for new music. Reignited is Torch’s first album in 34 years, and it promises to be faster, heavier, and louder than anything they’ve done before. It was produced by Jacob Hanson (Volbeat, U.D.O., Pretty Maids).

[Read our Ian Greg interview HERE]

The Album

Torch comes out of the gate with anger and thunder on “Knuckle Duster.” The riffs are heavy and the solos harken back to the group’s early days. Dan Dark’s vocals are gritty but fierce. “Collateral Damage” has a very U.D.O./Accept feel to it, most likely due to producer Jacob Hanson’s influence. “Feed the Flame” is about the fans that keep Heavy Metal going all of these years. Torch slow the tempo down a bit for “In the Dead of Night,” an ominous tale of schizophrenia. The anthemic “Cradle to Grave” is led by the chunky bass of Ian Greg. “Snakecharmer” leans hard on the wah-wah pedal. The multi-part harmonies on “Intruder” are sure to get stuck in your head.

The Verdict

The ’80s version of Torch is dead. Gone is the Swede’s brand of NWOBHM meets Power Metal. The new Torch is full-on Heavy Metal, but it’s a safe by-the-numbers kind of Heavy Metal. A few of the songs stand out among the rest on Reignited, but overall it feels as though you’re getting Udo Dirkschneider’s leftovers.



  1. Knuckle Duster
  2. Collateral Damage
  3. All Metal, No Rust
  4. Feed the Flame
  5. In the Dead of the Night
  6. Cradle to the Grave
  7. Snake Charmer
  8. Intruder
  9. To the Devil His Due

Torch is

Dan Dark – vocals
Chris J First – Guitar
Håkky – Guitar
Ian Greg – Bass
Steve Streaker – Drums


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