REDEMPTION – Alive in Color [CD/DVD]

REDEMPTION - Live in Color [CD/DVD]
  • 8.8/10
    REDEMPTION - Live in Color [CD/DVD] - 8.8/10


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Release date: August 28, 2020

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The Backstory

Progressive Metal act Redemption has released seven full length albums and two live DVDs since its formation in 2003. Alive in Color is the band’s third and newest release. Alive in Color serves as a showcase for Redeption’s newest singer Tom S. Englund. Englund replaced long time vocalist Ray Alder, who had to depart due to his commitments with Fates Warning. Englund’s first appearance with the band was on their last full length album Long Night’s Journey Into Day (2018).

The Album

The CD version of the release may be one of the first that actually contains more tracks than what’s on the DVD. The audio is taken from Redemption’s headlining performance at the 2018 PowerProg USA Festival. It features six songs from Long Night’s Journey Into Day (2018), one song from The Art of Loss (2016), two songs from Snowfall on Judgement Day (2009), one song from Origins of Ruin (2007), two songs from The Fullness of Time (2005), one cover, and alternate version of a fan classic.

The set opens up with the multi-tempo “Noonday Devil.” Each member of the band gets a chance to show off their specialties. The crowd is instantly engaged. Vocalist Tom S. Englund shows that he’s more than up for handling the classic Redemption material on “The Suffocating Silence.” Keyboardists Vikram Shankar and guitarist Nick van Dyk might just be seeing who can play the fastest on their respective instruments. It’s Prog Metal at it’s finest on the eight minute epic “The Echo Chamber”, where the music is on display more than the vocals.

Redemption gets a little heavier on “Little Men,” but the keys add that extra softness. Former vocalist Ray Alder makes an appearance on the drum dominant “Threads.” There is certainly a difference between Alder’s vocals and Englund’s. You can hear for yourself toward the end of the album, as the band includes a version of “Threads” with Englund on vocals. Ex-Megadeth guitarist and frequent Redemption guest Chris Poland makes and appearance on “Indulge in Color.” The track is a powerful ballad that gets heavy in all the right places.

Poland stays on stage for a cover of “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying,” but they could have left out that performance like they did on the DVD. The song doesn’t seem to fit Redemption’s ‘sound’. Although it is the first time Poland has played it live in twenty years. “Walls” ends the live set with eight minutes of power that never gets boring. “The Fullness of Time – Part 3′ is included as a bonus live track.


The sound quality on the DVD performance is just as great as the audio CD. The picture quality is sharp. Englund shows that he is the consummate frontman by commanding the stage each time he sings. Virkram Shankar’s keyboard set up is just as interesting as his performances. Nick van Dyk is simply a madman on his axe. The other members of the group make their work look effortless and drummer Chris Quirate is really going to town up there. When Ray Alder comes out for “Threads” it’s clearly a surprise to the crowd.

The lighting and screen visuals are not in your face. Redemption set an intimate, darker tone with those items to give the show an intimate feel. When Chris Poland hits the stage for “Indulge in Color,” he’s kind of hiding to the left of the stage. “Peace Sells…’ is left off of the DVD performance. That may have to do with licensing. It’s clear that the entire crowd loves this Redemption performance. It’s unclear why the alternate version of “Threads” and “The Fullness of Time – Part 3” were not included on the DVD.

The Verdict

Alive in Color is an exciting and power performance by Redemption. The special guest appearances are a nice fan-friendly touch that nods to the past while the band moves on to the future. One of the notable aspects of the audio portion is that the band plays like they have been together for decades. One of the notable aspects of the DVD is that, even though there is not a lot of movement on stage, Redemption’s performance is still energetic and engaging.



  1. Intro/Noonday Devil
  2. The Suffocating Silence
  3. The Echo Chamber
  4. Damaged
  5. Someone Else’s Problem
  6. Little Men
  7. Long Night’s Journey Into Day
  8. Threads (w/ Ray Alder)
  9. Black and White World
  10. Indulge in Color (w/Chris Poland)
  11. Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying (w/Chris Poland) [CD ONLY]
  12. Walls
  13. Threads (w/Tom S. Englund) [CD ONLY]
  14. The Fullness of Time, Part 3 [CD ONLY]


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