MARSHALL GILL (BLACKBALLED): “I Feel That Music Nowadays, It Almost Doesn’t Take A Risk At All”


British Blues Rock Trio Blackballed released their third full length album Elephant in the Room on July 24, 2020. Blackballed is the side project of New Model Army guitarist Marshall Gill. Gill and company have been building their base since their inception in 2012 with enthusiastic live performances and festival appearances. Metal Express Radio had the chance to catch up with Marshall Gill on a quiet rainy day in England. Gill expounds on the new Blackballed album, the touring challenges in our locked down society, and one of the problems with rock bands today.

Elephant in the Room Mini Review

Marshall Gill knows his way around down and dirty Blues-based riffs and he is not afraid to show it. Elephant in the Room is a mixture of modern fuzzy Blues and the classic Blues you’d expect to hear at a Jazz club. Blackballed even goes beyond that with some 70s psychedelica and a slight twist of late 90s Foo Fighters. The songwriting is not overly complicated and deals with tales of hard luck, with pleas and hopes of future redemption. Stand out tracks: “When the Devil Calls,” “Another Lonely Day,” “Flesh and Bone.” 8.8/10 — George Dionne


  • George Dionne

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