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    FROM THE RUINS - Into Chaos - 7.8/10


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Release date: July 24, 2020

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From The Ruins are an “unadulterated and unapologetic thrash band” hailing from Reno, Nevada. More martial than In Ruins, less proggy than Within the Ruins, Into Chaos is the band’s six song debut EP. Employing a five-member assault in the style of Death Angel or Testament, From The Ruins kicks off the record with “No Honor”, laying out an ominous dual wall of sound and dual climbing guitar rifts culminating in a divebomb before Isaac Wilson’s vocal kicks in. Wilson alternates raspy (but clear) vocals with occasional forays into the higher registers, injecting real frustration and anger into a song about a religiously motivated enemy. After verses relating various atrocities–genocide,targeting civilians, taking cover with human shields,  the chorus is delivered with real venom. “Your religion/is trash/scum/lowest forms of life”. Wisely not naming the scum-filled religion, From The Ruins leaves it to the listeners imagination as to what situation they might be singing about. Riding a killer twin guitar riff with a propulsive percussive underlayment, “No Honor” is a mixtape masterpiece.

“Contract Killer” has a slightly Maidenesque opening, with shades of “Strange World”, before letting rip with a thrash riff and beat. While not as catchy as the opening song, the song isn’t content to stay in any one place, one minute settling into a pocket groove, the next firing off a blazing solo or fill. “We Fight” is a more traditional thrash pounder, one that strays into Manowar territory with lyrics like “We Die! We Bleed! We Slay!” and “Victory or death!“. The music is buoyant enough, but the goofy lyrics make this the weakest track on the album (albeit probably a live favorite).

“Chaos” gets things back into the swing of things, mainly by showcasing what is From The Ruins greatest strength as a band currently–the dual guitars of Chuck Reyome and Scott Schlingheyde. They bring chainsaws, machine guns, air raids, explosions, and speed to the party on each of the tracks. Both “Chaos” and subsequent track “Divided” show off their versatility to fine effect. “Divided” warns of the “New World Order”; it’s messages are unsubtle but it is a considerable step forward from the lunkhead barbarism of”We Fight”.

“Eye For An Eye” is yet another kill-your-enemies sort of song; unless the listener is actively seeking such catharsis, they are likely growing weary of the lyrics by now. Thankfully, one will never grow tired of the music.

Into Chaos is a hell of a debut; the elements are all there to enable From The Ruins to have a successful and inspiring career if they take the time to grow as songwriters and wrestle with other subject matter beyond war and fighting the way most of the “big” Thrash bands did over their careers. But even if they don’t, the riffs alone will bring many listeners back.


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