SHAY BURGESS, JON CRIBB, CHRIS NEILSON, & STEVE BAKER (CHAOSAINT): “We All Love A Cold Refreshing Beverage Before Hitting The Stage, And Always A Black Tooth For DIMEBAG”

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What is Groove Metal? The Australian 4-piece Chaosaint is here to answer that question with their debut EP release In The Name Of. The EP initially started off as a jam session from over a decade ago. Chaosaint formed out of the ashes of the Nu Metal group Exhale, and found 2020 the right year to kick things off in a new direction. The group planned to tour in support of In The Name Of, but Covid-19 put a halt to that. Instead Chaosaint are working hard on a full-length follow up. Metal Express Radio had the chance to chat with the entire band about about their current EP and their plans going forward.

(S) Shay Burgess- Vocals /Guitars
(JC) Jon Cribb- Guitars
(CN) Chris Neilson- Drums
(SB) Steve Baker- Bass

Metal Express Radio: If I knew absolutely nothing about Chaosaint, how would you describe the band’s music to me?

Shay: Our sound combines a heavy groove with melody. It’s a bit of a blend of late 80s and 90s hard rock and metal influences with a bit of a modern twist. We were pretty influenced by bands such as Machine Head, Pantera and Lamb Of God and you can hear these influences in our music but you couldn’t say it sounds like a carbon copy of any of those bands. It’s nothing like the current metal trend.

MER: Your debut EP In The Name Of was released on June 19, 2020. What songs are you most proud of and why? You can’t say all of them…

Steve Baker: Each song is special to us in its own way. Being able to create something that people can relate to or connect with has always been our main focus. In saying that, I would have to choose “Knives are Drawn” from this release.

Chris Neilson: I really like “Both Eyes” for it’s relentless drive and “Blackened Days.” I didn’t have high hopes for that song at first but once it was recorded it turned out awesome and is probably my favorite.

Shay: All the songs have such a different vibe to them- it’s hard to pick one song that we are the most proud of. I find it changes depending on my mood. “Knives Are Drawn” is probably the best representation of where we are as a band right now but I do really like “Blackened Days.” That song almost got cut from the record after we initially recorded it turned out pretty awesome. It’s got some really great drumming from Chris on it.

John Cribb: I CAN say all of them because that is the truth. This album is a machine and if you can’t take a part out of it and expect it to work the same. If you want me to pick a favorite child I’ll say “Knives,” I love the energy of that song.

MER: Who came up with the band name and what inspired it?

SB: It was a little while ago and it’s all a bit of a blur. I’m pretty sure Cribby (Jon Cribb- Guitar) came up with the name.

JC: Coming up with the name was almost a mission as big as writing the songs. We had thrown a lot of different ideas around before deciding to go with Chaosaint. The idea comes from a balance of good and bad. Without one the other wouldn’t exist, you know? Life has to be about balance. It’s a juxtaposition of good and bad… plus I like to think we are the saints of chaos, follow us down that road my children. [laughs]

MER: I read that due to the Covid-19 lockdowns you are unable to tour in support of the EP. Instead you are already working on material for your next release scheduled to drop sometime in 2021. Will this be another EP release or full length?

Shay: At this stage we already have material written for our next release. We’ve been tightening those songs up as well as writing some new ones. At this stage we are probably looking at another EP release by years end or early 2021. It’s all subject to change though- if the songwriting and recording process goes really well and we end up with a heap more material then we will definitely look at a full length release early next year.

MER: When you are able to tour, will you be performing any songs from your nu-metal days as Exhale?

Shay: There have been talks about resurrecting one or two of the old songs- although our former vocalist at the time wrote the majority of the lyrics so they would probably end up being reworked and retitled. There have been times at rehearsal when we’ve spontaneously started jamming bits and pieces of the old tunes. It’s crazy how even after all this time we still remember them so well.

CN: I would love to do “3 Ring Circus,” or maybe “Lost Within.”

SB: Who knows? You guys will just have to come along and check us out!

MER: Do you have any rituals before you hit the stage?

SB: Oh there’s a few, but I can’t share them all haha. We all love a cold refreshing beverage before hitting the stage, and always a black tooth for Dimebag!

CN: I’ve always been late to gigs, so the ritual is rush like crazy to set up, grab a beer and go.

SB: Generally at least one of us ends up running late so it’s normally rush like crazy to load in- realize you’ve left your guitar at home- Mad panic and then grab a drink. I won’t go onstage without wearing my lucky g string either.

MER: Is music your life or do you have a “day job?”

SB: We all have day jobs for now, and have been lucky enough to be classed as “Essential Workers” during the COVID 19 pandemic. We empathize with those who weren’t as lucky though, and hopefully their fortunes change soon

MER: Is there anything I missed that you’d like fans to know about?

Shay: Thanks to everyone who has supported us on the journey so far. We can’t wait to bring this show to you sometime soon.

CN: This has been a long time in the making and once we’re are let loose on stage, who knows what might happen

SB: There is no order without Chaos. Stay safe, stay healthy, and prepare yourselves. Chaos is coming…..


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