Exclusive Premiere On New DOGGERLAND Single

Doggerland band photo 2020

Metal Express Radio is exclusively premiering the new Doggerland single “Out Of Here”. The single will be released on Apollon Records this Friday, July 3, 2020, but you can hear it here before everyone else, click the player below.

Doggerland is a hard-hitting and deceptive Norwegian Rock band, channeling bleak futurosurrealism. The music combines potent and desperate riffs with dark, noisy passages and claustrophobic vocals. The band is inspired by Triztan Vindtorn in particular, as well as by the arts in general, with the exception of certain jazz records from before c. 1850 CE.

DOGGERLAND - Out Of Here cover
Cover art for “Out Of Here” by Doggerland.

The band consists of Vetle Løvgaard (vocals), Emil Brattested (guitars/bass) and Espen Bergo (drums). They are currently finishing up the production of their second album, where the music and lyrics are written by Vetle Løvgaard and Emil Brattested. The lyrics for many of the tracks were also done in collaboration with underground poet Estéban Fabelstöy. The album is produced by Emil Brattested. Doggerland’s first album, No Mind On Its Own, was released on Pug-Nose Records in 2013.

The song “Out Of Here” is about a person at some future point, questioning the basic principles of society. This is staged as a constant debate with all the seven inner critics – and they do not want to agree among themselves. The single is mixed by Shining frontman Jørgen Munkeby and mastered by Matias Tellez (Young Dreams).

You can visit the band on Facebook and Instagram.


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