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This is MYNAS! We are a metal band based in Las Vegas, NV. We are influenced by… too much to list here. We are Miles Lanham on Guitar/Vocals, Jeff Pritz on Guitar, Mark Bazar on Bass, and Mauricio Silva on Drums. Mynas hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. and has become synonymous with the underground metal scene of the city. Giving off a sound that is unique, unrelenting and a reflection of love and dedication to the metal genre.
The band’s music is deep rooted in the sounds of traditional and Scandinavian metal. With influences from: Inflames, at the gates, Slipknot, Metallica, Children of Bodom, Old Man’s Child.

I emailed Miles Lanham after watching them perform live at the Adrenaline Sports Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. in August of 2017. I had the privilege of producing a show with Mynas. It was a thrill to work with such amazing musicians.

What influenced the name of your band?

I would say the name was more of an accident. We wanted a one word name. And it needed to stand out. So, we wrote down a bunch of words, threw them in a hat and picked the best out of three… That name sucked. So, we ended up with Mynas.

The band was on Warped Tour in 2017. What cities did you perform in? I see that the band is taking votes for Warped Tour 2018.

We only had the opportunity to perform here in Las Vegas. It was a great experience! We met a bunch of people and had a great time doing it.

Explain the advantages/disadvantages of promoting your music in Las Vegas?

Promoting in Vegas is a bit rough. It’s a lot of work. Mostly because there is so much entertainment! One of the advantages is, when people buy tickets to your show. You know it’s because they really enjoy what you are doing. It’s a good feeling when someone could have gone to their favorite Pub or a huge acts show and they come to yours instead.

When can your fans look forward to an EP?

We have the first full length “Fear The Slave” available on our website and various other platforms. The good news is we are planning on a midsummer release of our new record. We plan on announcing more soon.

Can your fans expect a tour soon, and if so, what cities do you plan on performing in?

We have some shows in the works. More at the beginning of summer. We are looking at Phoenix, San Diego, Salt Lake… ect. Places close to home to start. Then stretch for the later part of the year.

If the band had a chance to play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Wacken in Germany!

What does your band think that the most important thing you can do to promote your band?

Word of mouth. Getting people to talk about your band is huge. Have a game plan.

What piece of advice would you give to fellow musicians?

This is a bit of a vast question. So, I will do my best. Do what you love and share that. Put your heart into it… Don’t be all heart. Take criticism and incorporate it into what you do.

Miles, what is your musical background? Have you been in bands other than metal?

From as far back as I can remember I really enjoyed music. Specifically the guitar. My love for metal started at age 9. A friend showed me METALLICA the black album. He stole it from his older brother’s CD collection. I was hooked. I started playing guitar at age 12. I wanted to know everything there is to know about music. So, I learned to read and write music. I have never been interested in playing or writing in any other genre of music other than metal. That’s only because metal is every genre in my opinion. It’s the best of all in essence. Unless you start breaking it into subgenres where you have rules. Then… It’s just boring.

Can you describe some of the equipment that your band performs with?

Let’s start with the hard stuff! Drums!!! Mauricio uses Axes pedals (they have amazing response), Meinl cymbals (so far they are the best sounding cymbals we have used on a record). Jeff, uses an EVH amp with the mesa cab. He is a huge fan of Schecter guitars. I use a mesa triple rectifier with a mesa cab. Mark uses ibanez basses with…wait for it…Mark bass amps! Lol! Yes! Someone named their bass company Mark bass.

Mynas has a great stage presence. Their energy and song writing talents make for a show that is always a must see.


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