at The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, October 26, 2018

THE DAMNED (Live at The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, October 26, 2018)
Photo: Jerry Alperin

Review and photos by: Jerry Alperin

The anticipated return of The Damned to Salt Lake City was finally here. Last years visit brought them here on their 40th anniversary. This year, it was on tour to promote Evil Spirits, their first release in a decade for the British punk rock band, which was recorded live over nine days by producer Tony Visconti.

They opened the show with the song “Nasty” off their 1999 album Molten Lager. The voice of David Vanian and the guitar of Captain Sensible, filled the room at The Depot. They followed up with “Born to Kill” which was originally recorded in 1977 and then released in 1986.  “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow” off their new album Evil Spirits, brought a sound of a more political nature and featured fantastic keyboard work from Monty Oxymoron. Other songs that night from their new album included, “Devil in Disguise” and “We’re so Nice”, which had a message of their own.

The band then exploded into the classic “Love Song” off their 1979 album Machine Gun Etiquette, and the already energized crowd erupted with excitement. The crowd which was a mix of all generations, sang every word of the song along with the band. As well as the songs, “New Rose” and “Ignite”, backed by the amazing drum and bass work of Pinch and Jon Priestley.

The 21 song setlist (see below) ended with the perfect song “Smash it Up” and another fantastic show by The Damned. After 40 years, I feel there is so much more music coming from this iconic band.


  1. Nasty
  2. Born to Kill
  3. Democracy?
  4. Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow
  5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  6. Wait for the Blackout
  7. Lively Arts
  8. Silly Kids Games
  9. Devil in Disguise
  10. Stranger on the Town
  11. The History of the World (Part 1)
  12. Eloise
  13. We’re So Nice
  14. Love Song
  15. 1 of the 2
  16. New Rose
  17. Neat NeatNeat

         Encore 1:

  1. Curtain Call
  2. Ignite

        Encore 2:

  1. Street of Dreams
  2. Smash It Up


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