ACE FREHLEY – Spaceman

ACE FREHLEY - Spaceman
  • 6/10
    ACE FREHLEY - Spaceman - 6/10


eOne / SPV
Release date: October 19, 2018

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Ace Frehley’s eighth solo album doesn’t hold any surprises. As an integral component of the Kiss machine for many years, Frehley represents the formulaic Kiss sound on this album. The uncomplicated song structure and blunt lyrics are cleanly mixed so the listener misses nothing.

“Without You I’m Nothing” opens on a high note. Co-wrote by Gene Simmons, the song prominently features Simmons on the bass and combines meaty riffs with memorable lyrics for a very modern sound. “Rockin’ With The Boys” follows and demonstrates the familiar Kiss sound. Frehley shares he wrote the original version of the song when he was a member of Kiss in the ’70s. It sounds like a rocked out companion to “Beth”; call it “Beth Part 2”. It’s not surprising Kiss didn’t record it. The lyrical similarities are obvious and the riffs feel incomplete and unnecessarily repetitive. All pretense of originality flees with Frehley’s curious decision to “re-cover” “I Wanna Go Back”, a Billy Satellite song which attained notoriety when Eddie Money covered it in 1986. Frehley’s version adds nothing new and fares unfavorably in comparison. The final three songs “Mission To Mars” an up-tempo rocker, “Off My Back” a mid tempo anthem and the instrumental “Quantum Flux” end the album on a high note.

Fans of all things Kiss or who have an affinity for Frehley’s music will enjoy Spaceman. Though there is nothing good enough to supplant better and older songs in his catalog. The casual listener may find it interesting but might consider listening to “New York Groove” instead.


TRACKLIST (Highlights: 1, 4, 7, 8, 9 )

  1. Without You I’m Nothing 4:07
  2. Rockin’ With The Boys 4:15
  3. Your Wish Is My Command 3:38
  4. Bronx Boy 2:51
  5. Pursuit Of Rock N’ Roll 4:32
  6. I Wanna Go Back 4:01
  7. Mission To Mars 3:39
  8. Off My Back 3:37
  9. Quantum Flux 6:30


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