STERILE JETS – No Gods No Loss

STERILE JETS - No Gods No Loss
  • 6/10
    STERILE JETS - No Gods No Loss - 6/10


Release date: March 17, 2017

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Rising to power in the last 5 years, Southern California’s Sterile Jets represent the contemporary, musical rejection of all things modern, calculated, polished and structured. With No Gods No Loss, the trio runs the gamut of nihilist theme,s all the while proudly stating that they will not be silenced or muzzled. Featuring 10 cuts of unapologetic Noise Rock, this release will be right at home with fans of Husker Du, Melt-Banana, Shellac and the less structured compositions of Sonic Youth. As you listen to Sterile Jets, you are invited to shout along with them, or possibly back at them. The choice is yours and they probably don’t care either way.

Setting the rebellious attitude and unwavering artistic stance aside, No Gods No Loss comes up a bit short in the musical diversity department. If you like one song, you’ll like them all, and should you be put off by the first track, there won’t be anything here to save you. Listen through the album with fresh ears, and you may find yourself looking over your shoulder to make sure no one sees your face contorting with discomfort and fear. It’s that edginess that makes albums like this fun, and if it didn’t have that, it would just be a cassette (yes No Gods No Loss is available on cassette) of guys kicking their instruments around the garage.

Maniacal and totally far out grooves can be found on “Go Out And Bleed” and the feedback laden “Soliloquy Of A Heartbroken Loner” leading into the album’s first single “Fireside Drive”, will convince you that you’ll always be alone on your hunt for good music. “A Sterile Existence” brings a dark vibe and “The Arsonist” finds the band experimenting with a range of more outside and dissonant tones. If you’re looking for something a bit more cheery, you should just look elsewhere. The overall vibe of the album is depressing and hopeless and is perhaps a reflection of the music industry’s current condition. While this album will be well received by the right ears, it’s narrow lyrical themes and single mindedness may keep it from rising to the peak of the Noise Rock heap.


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