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TEN - Isla De Muerta

British hard rock giants Ten released a 16 minutes video sampler, featuring song samples of their upcoming album Isla De Muerta, which will be released on the 20th of May via Rocktopia Records. The European edition of the new album Isla De Muerta includes the bonus track “We Can Be As One”. The video sample can be viewed below.

Ten recently released a lyric video for the song “Tell Me What To Do”:

Following on from the massive success of Albion released in Nov 2014, Isla De Muerta sees Ten continue their extremely rich vein of songwriting form, however this time gravitating towards a nautical theme in difference to the strong Celtic themes of Albion.

With absolutely STELLAR reviews being returned for Isla De Muerta so far, many even more complimentary than Albion, Ten have now proven that the band are re-energised and re-establishing themselves as one of the most potent forces in the field of melodic hard rock today. The lead single “Tell Me What To Do” has been the most added track to international radio stations last week and continues to force its way into almost every rock playlist on every station across Europe, with additions also in the USA, Canada, Brazil and, of course, Japan.

The accompanying lyric video for “Tell Me What To Do” is intended to offer the listener just a little taste of what to expect from the album, and will no doubt whet the appetite for the full release which can be ordered in advance through rocktopiarecords.com, the first 250 copies of which will be signed by Gary Hughes.

Track listing

  1. (i) Buccaneers (Instrumental), (ii) Dead Men Tell No Tales
  2. Tell Me What To Do
  3. Acquiesce
  4. This Love
  5. The Dragon And Saint George
  6. Intensify
  7. (i) Karnak (Instrumental)
  8. The Valley Of The Kings
  9. Revolution
  10. Angel Of Darkness
  11. The Last Pretender
  12. We Can Be As One (European Bonus)

Ten banner photo TenBanner.jpg
TEN are

Gary Hughes – Vocals
Dann Rosingana – Guitars
Steve Grocott – Guitars
John Halliwell – Guitars
Steve Mckenna – Bass
Darrel Treece-Birch – Keyboards
Max Yates – Drums

Source: www.rockngrowl.com/ten-post-isla-de-muerta-video-sampler


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