SPITFIRE To Release Brand New Video For “Fall From Grace” Today


​German Rock n Rollers SpitFire release the first video from their brand new album Welcome To Bone City today. Album release date for Europe will be April 20th, 2015. Be prepared for a good dose of honest and dirty Rock n Roll!

Watch the video here:

SpitFire - Welcome To Bone City (2015) photo SPITFIREWelcometoBoneCityWEB.jpg

​New young German 100% pure rock ‘n’ roll trio Spitfire, who burst out of the starting blocks with their visceral debut, ‘Devil’s Dance’ album in 2013, are now set to unleash the even more impressive follow up, ‘Welcome To Bone City’, on SPV’s Rookies and Kings label on April 20th.

Welcome To Bone City, packed with 15 new groove-laden, dirty, hard driving kick-ass rockers, effortlessly picks up from where Devil’s Dance left off, leaping and bounding even higher, both musically and lyrically, than its predecessor.

Once again melding Punk Rock, Metal, Rockabilly and Southern Rock into their own unique, irresistible musical concoction, Spitfire take their listeners on an eventful journey through the sinister streets and dirty alleys of ‘Bone City’, a once thriving metropolis. Long gone are the times of blooming casinos and glittering high class hotels, and wealth, glory and glamour have been replaced by the search for a better home amidst the chaos of tough guys, easy girls, unarmoured heroes and the queen of the night.

Spitfire instinctively invoked the loud, wild, primal spirit of Rock’N’Roll, channeling it straight from their hearts, when they created ‘Welcome To Bone City’, an irresistible collection of full throttle, asphalt kicking, utterly uplifting anthems.



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