MIND ASSASSIN Ink Deal With Greek Label Alone Records

Erie, PA- US Metal band Mind Assassin have signed a deal for the release of their debut EP The Pay Off with Alone Records. The label is based out in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Pay Off will be released in two different format The CD version will have a special bonus track and booklet.

The vinyl version will be released as a 4 track EP in a Double 7″ Inch vinyl (1 track on each side). The vinyl version will be a run of 350 copies and it will be set to release in 2 different editions.

250 copies Double 7″ inch in BLACK Colour (both 7″ inch in black)

100 copies Double 7″ inch in BLUE Colour the one 7″ inch and the other 7″ inch in RED.

The vinyl version will also come with an official Mind Assassin logo patch.

The release date is set for September 2015. An official date will soon be announced.

Alone Records have issued a promotional video of the bands upcoming release which can be seen on You Tube.

Mind Assassin promo clip:


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