ACCEPT – Blind Rage

ACCEPT - Blind Rage
  • 8.5/10
    ACCEPT - Blind Rage - 8.5/10


Nuclear Blast
Release date: August 15, 2014

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Germany’s legendary Traditional Metalists, Accept, were essentially “reborn” with the addition of Mark Tornillo as lead vocalist in 2010 and via their highly acclaimed Blood Of The Nations release. Worldwide, 2012’s follow-up Stalingrad also sold quite well (by today’s standards), but wasn’t treated as royalty in the way its predecessor was celebrated. For new bands, their 3rd release is usually the “make or break album,” meaning that either the band settles into an identifiable personality and style, or they show the well has run dry and they tend to crash and burn. Certainly Accept is no “new” band to the scene, but you sort of got the feel they were based on Blood Of The Nations with Turnillo fronting the band. So, with those “new” elements now established within the band, here comes their 3rd studio release entitled Blind Rage.

Based on the title, you’d think the album would have an “angry” personality or perhaps at least lean towards Thrash Metal. But instead, Accept blends in a “cleaner” and more melodic approach to their Traditional Metal soundscape, which also includes Power Metal elements more so than in past efforts. Some would rightly argue that even amongst the accolades Blood Of The Nations received, the obvious “weakness” of the album was too much focus on Tornillo – he simply was too strong in the overall mix and masked (at least a little) some of the GREAT music and riffs etched into that album. That “problem” must have been noted by the band as well, because with Blind Rage all instruments – including Tornillo’s voice – are spot-on at the right levels. With well thought out riffs, awesome solos, reflective lyrics (at times), and thundering drumbeats, Accept shows with Blind Rage they are still improving while never compromising being on the top of their game.


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