U.D.O. – Animal House (Anniversary Edition)

U.D.O. - Animal House (Anniversary Edition)
  • 8/10
    U.D.O. - Animal House (Anniversary Edition) - 8/10


AFM Records
Release date: February 15, 2013

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25 years of U.D.O. as a band seems like the perfect occasion for AFM Records to re-release the whole back catalog. January saw the re-release of classics Solid (1997), No Limits (1998), Holy (1999) and Man And Machine (2002), while February saw the re-release of U.D.O.’s first four releases, Animal House (1987), Faceless World (1990), Mean Machine (1989), and Timebomb (1991). All albums include bonus tracks and revised layouts, of course.

1987, the year Animal House was released is where it all started for U.D.O. after Udo Dirkschneider left Accept and Accept fans worldwide wept. Animal House is where Udo, surprisingly, continued to make music very similar to Accept’s, which became the basis for the band’s pattern of their riff-driven, German Power Metal style that eventually made U.D.O. famous. Interestingly enough, it might have seemed like a strange move at the time for a guy going solo, but all songs on Animal House were penned by Accept, including Udo, and Deaffy!

Unlike many of its follow-up releases, Animal House had fewer “riff-laden moments” and tended to be slightly more commercial overall. The original release was eleven tracks of German Metal with the obligatory, but somewhat ballsy, ballad:  “In The Darkness”. The re-release adds a whopping three live bonus tracks:  “Animal House”, “They Want War”, and “In The Darkness,” as well as videos of “They Want War” and vintage live concert footage of “Go Back To Hell”.

The music still sounds great and stands strong even 24 years later. The score offered here is based purely on the merits of the re-release version and not the music. This re-release package for an “anniversary edition” seems to be worthwhile indeed. With three live audio bonus tracks (but no mention of what venue or year they were taken from) and two videos, one can possibly forgive not having additional liner notes and no re-mastering.

Given the heap of extras, this one is suggested for U.D.O. fans of all ages, especially since this album is their classic debut release — now available at an affordable price!


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