Interview with Anton Kabanen (Battle Beast)

Metal Express Radio had the opportunity to talk to Anton Kabanen, the guitarist and main composer of the great Classic Metal band BATTLE BEAST. He talks about their new album Steel and many other facets of this exciting band…

Metal Express Radio: First off, I would like to congratulate you on the fantastic debut album Steel. Of course the album was released independently last April, so you have been riding the tide for awhile now. What have things been like for the band as your success has grown?

AK: Thank you. The amount of work has grown, but it’s a good thing. The band is growing too and we’re building up a solid fan base, so things are looking good. We are always waiting to face new challenges.

MER: For our readers and listeners not familiar with the Battle Beast’s style of Metal, how would you describe your music?

AK: Heavy Metal. I like to think that the words “Heavy Metal” themselves already mean straightforward, powerful, catchy and beautiful music.

MER: Who are some of your main influences that drive your creativity?

AK: I believe there’s only good and bad music out there, and anything that’s good will count as an influence, at least to some extent. But if I had to name a few bands I’d go with W.A.S.P., Judas Priest, Accept and Manowar.

MER: Tell us a little about the songwriting process. Who are the main composers in Battle Beast and how do the songs come together?

AK: I write all the music and lyrics in Battle Beast. Writing music is my passion and I write music all the time. It’s like a second nature to me. The ideas and music just come rushing in my head and I just have to get them out of there. I often get inspiration from movies, books, people and life itself.

MER: You of course are led by a great female vocalist, Nitte Valo. She is certainly not your stereotypical female lead singer. What does her presence contribute to the accomplishments of the band?

AK: She brings uniqueness to the band’s sound and image. People aren’t used to hearing that kind of singing from a woman, so it makes it even more interesting for them if they like Heavy Metal anyway. Having Nitte with us has definitely played to our benefit.

MER: You recently shot a very cool video for “Enter The Metal World.” How was that experience for the band, and are there any good stories you can share from the video shoot?

AK: I remember it was a really, really long day. For us it was a totally new thing because it was our first video we ever did. The scenery setup was much cooler in real life than the video reveals. Many nice details don’t show on that video. I think it’s a good video to start with.

MER: You share lead guitar duties with your counterpart Juuso Soinio. You guys create a great classic Metal sound while trading licks and solos. Do you ever feel like you are Glenn Tipton and KK Downing while performing on stage?

AK: Well, sometimes when we watch recordings of some of our live shows our synchronized moshing reminds me of Judas Priest and Accept. It’s not a bad thing at all, in my opinion. It’s a part of Heavy Metal and it’s fun!

MER: So what is next for Battle Beast? When can fans expect the next great album?

AK: We’re about to embark on a European tour as a support act for Nightwish starting April 10th. The next album is under pre-production. It will be released no earlier than 2013. Maybe we’ll release a single by the end of 2012 because the album will be recorded this summer.

MER: Thanks very much for taking the time to allow us to ‘Enter The Metal World Of Doom’ with you. We wish you and the band much continued success! Do you have any final words to share for your fans out there?

AK: Thank you. If you get a chance to come to our show don’t miss it! So hope to see you guys and girls on tour. Take care everyone!

For more information on Battle Beast check out their Official Website:


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