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    EXCRUCIATOR - Devouring - 7/10


Heavy Artillery Records
Release date: August 2, 2011

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The Portland guys have been working their asses off … in two years since their emergence, the youthful newcomer Thrash / Speed Metal machine of Excruciator has released a demo, an EP, and now a new full length album.  Hungry for Thrash or hungry for flesh, it really doesn’t matter. There is a new Thrash hovering around and their music will be served to you on a platter at your home BBQ.  No, these guys aren’t cannibals, but they are furious and fully charged by the themes of down below.

Coming in as another type of American Thrash Metal, Devouring in a lot of ways sounds like a motivating fusion.  That fusion focuses on evil US / Canadian bands such as Dark Angel, Sacrifice, and Old School European giants such as Tankard, Sodom, and Kreator. Therefore, it can be foretold that Excruciator are on the right track to sound like raw, molesting, and unforgiving Thrashers. Just from the roughness of the vocal line, along with some of the Persecution Mania, Pleasure To Kill and Chemical Invasion rows of riffs, it can be well asserted that what you are about to listen to on this release is utterly wild.  Devouring did present a sneak peak for you to look at, however, the musical direction didn’t make it become too complex as it rather sped its way as a clear, yet roughly straightforward, Thrash assault.  Moreover, the band has to be proud of several ’80s-style Thrash onslaughts such as “Nuclear Exmortis”, the sadistic, flesh-grinding “Devouring The Flesh of My Master”, the terrorizing air attack of the “Hunter Killer”, and the unknown phenomenon of the “Eviscerator”.

Devouring provided more than your regular Thrash tracks, yet they didn’t demonstrate anything in this subgenre that will create added attention.  Devouring, is Excruciator’s ticket to forming a spot for themselves on the side of Thrash that isn’t lined up with the NWOBHM driven Bay Area. The overall work on this album was decent and their future work surely can be expected to be upgraded to higher levels.


  1. Devouring the Flesh of My Master
  2. Skulls of the Abyss
  3. Disciples of Menace
  4. Hunter Killer
  5. Destruction
  6. Eviscerator
  7. Wretched
  8. Nuclear Exmortis
  9. Metal Forces


Chris Birkley – Vocals / Guitars
Josh Kay – Guitars
Craig Bridenbeck – Bass / Vocals
Marcus Hartford – Drums


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