THE SILENT RAGE – Harvester Of Souls

THE SILENT RAGE - Harvester Of Souls
  • 8/10
    THE SILENT RAGE - Harvester Of Souls - 8/10


Release date: July 29, 2011

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Part of the reason why the ’80s era was so divine in Metal’s history was because of bands like The Silent Rage from Greece.  Whether it is their chosen production orientation or their material, they are the protectors of true Metal and they made it this far by following the old European Metal book.

Harvester Of Souls, the band’s newest and second EP, is the calm before the storm. It is believed there is a full-length album on the way, but beyond being the taste of the band, Harvester Of Souls is the debut presentation of the band’s new members on almost every corner, aside from the founding member Nikos Siglidis. Therefore, for anyone who already knows this band, this is a good chance to experience a different variation of an on-going group.

Following the success of other great bands that The Silent Rage share similarities with, like Wizard and Sacred Steel among many other true Metal bands that follow legends and other mystic themes, the material on this EP is simple and to the point.  Harvester Of Souls sends a clear message to Old School Metal fans that they are here too with great riffs, solos, and a diverse vocalic presentation. Most of the five tracks on offer are more or less basic while pursuing the same principles that made big promises to older groups. Additionally, the songs have various touches of melodies played to their best that remind of the older stars of German Metal like Helloween and Running Wild.

“Inner Scars”, “Perished In Flames”, and “Wings Of Tragedy” summarize the best of this entire EP. The latter was made to be the band’s great anthem to date as it flows and serves as a big time motivation builder to become a fan of this band. Moreover, these tracks showcased a hell of vocalist in Dionisis Kontis, who sounds as if he was sliding back and forth through time. In the end, this EP is a great opportunity to introduce this group into your catalog while awaiting their eventual up-coming full-length release!


  1. Perished in Flames
  2. Inner Scars
  3. Leading the Legions
  4. Harvester of Souls
  5. Wings of Tragedy


Dionisis Kontis – Vocals
Nikos Siglidis – Guitars / Vocals
Costas Mavroyannis – Guitars
Steve Tsilivarakos – Bass
Stelios Pavlou – Drums


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