SPELLCASTER – Under The Spell

SPELLCASTER - Under The Spell
  • 8/10
    SPELLCASTER - Under The Spell - 8/10


Heavy Artillery Records
Release date: July 12, 2011

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After they were able to hammer minds with such an energetic EP release (Spells Of Speed), Spellcaster’s full-length debut was only a matter of time.  Under The Spell presents three new tracks that weren’t on the EP… and it also includes the studio version of the track “Power Rising”, which was included on the EP as a live track.  Of course, the older tracks were re-recorded, and the band took the liberty to append and to throw away features present in their original EP versions.  In the end, this new release reintroduces once again the power of Old School USA Metal under a rather modern setting, even if the overall sound is classic ’80s orientated.

However, the EP probably caused expectations to rise too high too soon.  Great tracks such as “Spellcaster”, “Locked On”, and even the band’s greatest hit, “Chainsaw Champion”, seemed to be rather slower in their tempo on the LP in comparison to their earlier versions. Furthermore, the band’s starlet vocalist, Thomas Adams, appeared as if he wasn’t that motivated while he recorded some of the new version vocal lines. That observation doesn’t apply only to the re-recorded material, but also to the rest of the tracks.  In comparison to the EP where Adams came through like an exploding nuclear bomb and wild as hell, here he sounded a bit strained … as if someone was trying to keep him in check.

Even so, Under The Spell is a strong ’80s Metal performance by a rather newcomer band with a lot of potential.  The band’s new tracks:  “Molten Steel”, “Nite Of The Hellbeast”, and “Sands Of Fear” (especially the last two) show amazing promise of great speed followed closely by heaviness and astonishing melodies.  The bottom line is the album would have made a greater impact if Spellcaster had loosened their approach like they did on their debut EP.


  1. Spellbound
  2. Chainsaw Champion
  3. Molten Steel
  4. Locked On
  5. Power Rising
  6. Nite of the Hellbeast
  7. Sands of Fear
  8. Spellcaster


Thomas Adams – Vocals
Cory Boyd – Guitar
Tyler Loney – Guitar
Gabe Franco – Bass
Shad Covert – Drums


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