SPELLCASTER – Spells Of Speed

SPELLCASTER - Spells Of Speed
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Heavy Artillery Records
Release date: September 17, 2010

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One of the late Heavy Artillery Records USA signings, Spellcaster (based out of Portland, Oregon), provides a special trip back to the wonderful Metal days of 1986; a period when Heavy Metal was a standard in North America and the world. With their new EP, Spells Of Speed, Spellcaster reached their maiden fame as an 80’s orientated Speed Metal band with various influences including NWOBHM, Thrash and Heavy Metal. This is a young band bearing a blast from the past.

Even though the EP only consists of three studio tracks and two live recordings, it’s still significant. This little voyage is heavy, speedy and can be only summarized as “classic”, and will leave you with an appetite for more. Whoever was handling the production for these guys is a pure master. Spells Of Speed is the reason why the reinvention of the old Marshall sound should spread widely among new Metal bands.

With the emerging of “Chainsaw Champion”, the gloves were taken off and Spellcaster began their killing run. “Locked On” continues the party with a good old fashioned War tune. The last studio track is the mighty “Spellcaster”, the evil master of disaster… a heavy track showing the band’s vintage attitude. Along with the live version of “Chainsaw Champion” and the non-recorded “Power Rising”, this is still a true Metal experience.

If you had a craving for the power of the old sound of Speed Metal, you have to turn to this EP. High, raspy vocals, loud crunchy guitars, tons of symbols and upbeats and a cruel bass line … this is real Metal in your face. However, it can be hard to get because the copies are limited, but who ever said that you can’t try?


  1. Chainsaw Champion
  2. Locked On
  3. Spellcaster
  4. Chainsaw Champion (Live)
  5. Power Rising (Live)


Thomas Adams – Vocals
Cory Boyd – Guitar
Tyler Loney – Guitar
Gabe Franco – Bass
Shad Covert – Drums


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