VOODOO HIGHWAY – Broken Uncle’s Inn

VOODOO HIGHWAY - Broken Uncle's Inn
  • 8/10
    VOODOO HIGHWAY - Broken Uncle's Inn - 8/10


Voodoo Highway / Rock N’ Growl
Release date: June 24, 2011

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Voodoo Highway might be a new band, and Broken Uncle’s Inn may only be their debut, but they have obviously spent considerable time thinking, sounding, and gasping just like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and early Whitesnake.

Looking back through history, the name Voodoo Highway was the second album by the mighty Badlands, which was once lead by Ray Gillen and Jake E. Lee. However, this Voodoo Highway band isn’t even close to America. This is Italy for the Italians… and British Hard Rock for everyone. Behind the imagery of ’70s Hard Rock, Voodoo Highway haven’t forgotten their own image of being sleazy and naughty in their own way. Voodoo Highway touches the classics while bursting out with a few complexities. Broken Uncle’s Inn shares a little diversity along with a majority of catchy vintage moments. “J.C. Superfuck”, a sort of a dirty mode to show their own tribute to historical ’70s classics such as “Jesus Christ Superstar”, is the band’s greatest mix of showing a little variety while keeping with the basics of a commercialized tune. Same goes for “Broken Uncle’s Inn”, which was even more intelligent than the former, but that didn’t ruin a thing.

Most of Broken Uncle’s Inn consists of simple, flowing, and easy to listen to vintage-like smackers. “The Fire Will Burn Away” sounds like a true successor to old Def Leppard and Whitesnake tracks, with a slight hint towards what came to be Twisted Sister, especially when the marketable aspects come to attention. “In Fact It’s the Worst”, “Window” and “Till It Bleeds” were also in the same vein and bombed with a tight main riff that left no doubt these guys have their way with ’70s Rock music.

Broken Uncle’s Inn, with its amazing vintage sound, talented young players on all sections, and a fine selection of tracks, is one of the better journeys back in time that anyone would want to take. Although nothing is that original here as you will likely notice right from the track “Till It Bleeds”, you still will be well-served to let these guys fully enter your ears.


  1. Intro (Since 1972)
  2. Till It Bleeds
  3. The Fire Will Burn Away
  4. J.C. Superfuck
  5. Window
  6. Running Around
  7. Broken Uncle’s Inn
  8. Heaven with No Stars
  9. Gasoline Woman
  10. In Fact It’s the Worst


Matteo Bizzarri – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Filippo Cavallini – Bass / Backing Vocals
Federico Di Marco – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Lorenzo Gollini – Drums
Alessandro Duo – Organ / Guitar / Backing Vocals


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