WHITESNAKE – Forevermore

WHITESNAKE - Forevermore
  • 8.5/10
    WHITESNAKE - Forevermore - 8.5/10


Frontiers Records
Release date: March 25, 2011

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David Coverdale’s Whitesnake first set the world afire back in 1977. The band’s original sound was a combination of Bluesy guitar riffs with a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll character. Over the years, Whitesnake has evolved into many different formations, and was able to make an international name for themselves by tapping into the Hair Metal market of the late 80’s. The 2011 version of David Coverdale’s Whitesnake is all about going back to those Bluesy Rock roots, which made this band special. Their 11th studio album Forevermore is a very strong endeavor. Coverdale and his band have put a tremendous amount of work into this album to be arguably their most creative effort to date.

Like their previous album, the 2008 release Good To Be Bad, guitarists Doug Aldrich (Dio, Lion, Bad Moon Rising) and Reb Beach (Winger, Dokken) are together again. Also like the previous album, Aldrich and Beach’s guitar mastery shine through. When these guys work collectively it’s as spectacular as some of the classic guitar duo’s in Metal/Rock history, such as Tipton/Downing, Murray/Smith, or Schenker/Jabs. They not only have great talent, but great chemistry as well, and it is demonstrated flawlessly throughout the entire album.

Coverdale, of course, is the star of the album. At the age of 59 he may not be able to howl the opening of “Still Of The Night” as spotlessly as he did twenty years ago, but there is no doubt his unique style and vocal talent is clearly top notch. What makes this more amazing is the fact that two years ago Coverdale’s career was nearly over after suffering from a vocal fold edema. Luckily he had a full recovery and his voice is now full and strong.

One of the songs that really stands out on this album is “Love Will Set You Free”. This is the quintessential Whitesnake song. It has a sharp, Bluesy guitar riff, high-pitched and assertive vocals, and an incredible guitar solo. It’s no wonder this song was picked to be the album’s first single. Another fantastic song is the enchanting title track “Forevermore.” Coverdale has a history of putting the inspiring acoustic tracks at the end of his albums, and this one is no exception. However, what makes “Forevermore” different from some of those other songs is the heart-felt passion that Coverdale puts into the vocals. He is not trying to overdo anything here, or make a lot of savvy vocal runs. It’s just Coverdale and his band putting out a really great melody.

Forevermore is the culmination of the Whitesnake saga. There is something appealing on this album to everyone; the long time fan as well as the next generation. All the songs on this album have been influenced in some form by all the previous Whitesnake albums. This is Whitesnake in its truest and purest form. Coverdale has made something very special here and this album should be a huge part of his legacy.


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