COLDSPELL – Out From The Cold

COLDSPELL - Out From The Cold
  • 7.5/10
    COLDSPELL - Out From The Cold - 7.5/10


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Release date: February 25, 2011

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Swedish Hard Rock band Coldspell have released their second full length album entitled Out From The Cold. The band are: Niklas Swedentorp, vocals, Michael Larssen, guitarist/vocals, Matti Eklund, keyboards/vocals, Perra Johanson, drums, and Anders Lindmark, bass. Special guest on this effort is Ian Haughland from Europe fame. Out From The Cold has 12 tracks and the band gets busy entertaining straight away. “Heroes”, the first track, has a melodic quality that catches and holds on, and that pretty much is the case all the way through the album. The guitar work is Malmsteen-like, and the vocals are superlative. “Run For Your Life” and “One In A Million” are both memorable, while “Six Feet Under” is possibly the one that could have been left behind; it just doesn’t speak in the same tone as the rest of the album, but it is still a stunningly good song. “Save Our Souls”, “Heading For Tomorrow”, and “Out From The Cold” drive the point home that this band is capable of reaching a mass of fans that range anywhere from the Hard Rock genre to Heavy Metal with their strong and easy-to-listen-to sound, yet a sound that is far from easy listening.

The fans have already made their approval of Coldspell with their first full length CD entitled Infinite Stargaze. In fact, they garnered many accolades for reaching “toplists” status in 2009, and managed to be honored with top album of the year by Fans will appreciate that Coldspell’s Out From The Cold manages to stay true to the band’s sound, but it is certainly not another Infinite Stargaze. Coldspell’s Out From The Cold is the icing to the Infinite Stargaze cake. This is one worth checking out.


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