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Release date: January 28, 2011

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Nothing lasts like the Falkenbach raven — it keeps going and going and going. That modified sentence simplifies the overall opinion of the German Viking Metal band Falkenbach’s (Markus Tümmers a.k.a. Vratyas Vakyas) new album, Tiurida (Glory). After six years of longing and waiting for the ancient atmosphere of Folk chants, Falkenbach (In English: Runnel Of The Falcons) returns from a deep slumber and into another raven ride. However, that raven crashed landed … it’s safe to just say that glory isn’t something that can tag along with this release.

Since the previous album, Heralding – The Fireblade, nothing has really changed. The same old stories of Vikings, ancient battles and lands, mystic features, and of course the glory of the ravens, all are back on display. However, as far as the music goes, Tummers lacks creativity this time around and his classic way of captivating the listener by his chanting, growly singing, and most importantly, his music. Although the magical atmosphere was kept in check as it used to inspire in the past, the majority of the music feels numb while repeating itself almost with no end. Folk instruments were inserted, as always, like the flute, keyboards, and acoustic guitars, yet those were just appetizers and didn’t serve the tracks as a whole. Additionally, unlike in the past, it was rather hard to understand Tummers’s lyrics and whether he sung in English or in a different language. The fault mostly lays on the production of his vocal line by Patrick Damiani, although other aspects were pretty normal fo a Falkenbach release.

It is really a mystery how Tiurida couldn’t match other Falkenbach classics such as …Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri… or his debut, …En Their Medh Riki Fara…. The Folkman’s return should have been a wonderful event, yet it doesn’t prove itself at all in that direction. Even though the second track “…When His Ravens Fly…” is very exciting and reminds of the good times, it served as the only red rose in a bloody, thorny landscape.

And, aside from “Time Between Dog And Wolf”, which has its merits, the other tracks on offer show that Tummers forgot atmosphere is not everything, rather it is a tool and the music behind the stories isn’t just scenery, especially if there are instrumentals involved that have a role as storytellers.  After all, you can’t repeat yourself on and on during instrumental tunes. Tiurida is not necessarily bad work, yet it is far from what Tummers is capable of doing.


  1. Intro
  2. …When His Ravens Fly…
  3. Time Between Dog And Wolf
  4. Tanfana
  5. Runes Shall You Know
  6. In Flames
  7. Sunnavend


Vratyas Vakyas (Markus Tümmers) – Vocals, Instruments

Session Members:
Tyrann – Additional Vocals
Hagalaz – Additional Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Keyboards
Boltthorn (Michel Spithoven) – Drums


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