CENTRAL PARK – reflected

  • 6.5/10
    CENTRAL PARK - Reflected - 6.5/10


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Release Date: January 28, 2011

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German Progressive Rockers of Central Park may hold some record in delaying a debut album. They were founded back in 1983, but disbanded in 1989 without releasing anything. In 2006 they were reunited and recorded and released their debut album, unexpected, 23 years (!) after the band’s initial foundation. Now they are back with the crucial sophomore album; reflected.

The band seems very Yes and King Crimson inspired on the first two songs “Guns R Us” and “Free Fall,” but soon add their own distinct touch to things. Especially impressive is the 21-minute epic “Vision Of Cassandra” with atmospheric soundscapes and a blend between a dark, industrial sound and traditional organ-driven Progressive Rock. The instrumentalists are good at what they do, and keyboardist/programmer Jochen Scheffter is good at adding elements to complete the band’s sound. The song “Path Of Mercy” is arguably the best song on this album. It’s got technical parts as well as darker parts with the industrial imprint and arguably vocalist Jannine Pusch’s best performance on the album. It’s simply a thrill to listen to.

Pusch joined Central Park in 2010 and the soprano helps the band create a very unique sound. It’s difficult to grasp what Pusch is doing on the first two songs, “Guns R Us” and “Free Fall,” and she seems to struggle a bit to find her place. However, her voice is varied and the song “White Princess” sees her performing something very Kate Bush-esque. “White Princess,” “Another Part,” and “The Last Tear” are slower songs than the previous two and fit her voice much better. A minor problem is that her pronunciation is rather Schwarzenegger-esque at times, and this can ruin the seriousness and the atmosphere the band is trying to create. A great example of this is the beginning of “Vision,” where she speaks on top of an atmospheric soundscape.

All in all, this is a good Progressive Rock release, though the quality of it varies some. The band seems to struggle some with the first few songs, but soon they’re on the right path and that’s when they show their full potential.

Central Park is

Jannine Pusch – Vocals
Hans Ochs – Guitars
York von Wittern – Bass
Jochen Scheffter – Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, programming
Artur Silber – Drums


Guns R Us/Free Fall/White Princess/Another Part/Vision Of Cassandra (Vision, Doom [Winterstorm], Awakening)/Path Of Mercy/The Last Tear


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