MIKE BINO PROJECT – On The Verge Of Reality

MIKE BINO PROJECT - On The Verge Of Reality
  • 7/10
    MIKE BINO PROJECT - On The Verge Of Reality - 7/10


Erotic/Exotic Music
Release date: December 1, 2010

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Here’s a scenario that is more common than not, but is seldom thought of or spoken about. A new band arrives on the scene and for the most part its members are not any famous, big-named musicians… except for one in the bunch. Without the one member who has made a name for him/herself in the music industry and an immediate fan base, it’s probably hit or miss on whether or not the band survives.

In this case, the ace-in-the-hole happens to be none other than Mike Lepond (bassist for International recording artist Symphony X) and the band in question is the Mike Bino Project, with their debut release titled On The Verge Of Reality. Band members include Mike Lepond-bass (Symphony X), Dyer Knight-vocals (Wicked Sinns), Tommy “Earthquake” Doud-drums (Pierce), and Mike Bino-guitar (Rattlebone Trippin On Dolls, and others). The band has supported many national acts over the years, including some very big names. Mike Bino also has five other CD releases from other bands he has been part of over the years. Bottom line is this guy has been around and it has been word of mouth up until this point.

Quite often in new bands such as this with a well-known star, it is commonplace to hear that “star” over everyone else in a studio recording session. In listening to On The Verge Of Reality, there was no area where anything like this occurred. Mike Lepond plays at the perfect level throughout and he doesn’t overpower anyone else’s playing, yet he is heard very clearly at the same time. It is quite obvious that Mike Lepond is secure in all aspects of his playing and doesn’t feel the need to resort to this type of nonsense. The same thing can be said for Mike Bino. After all, the band/project is named after him in the first place.

This is one of those albums that just gets better with each listen. Lepond’s bass playing is superb on this album from start to finish. His Metal background comes through in certain areas, but isn’t overpowering for the types of songs he is performing. Additionally, you have the guitar of Mike Bino in the background, which is quite nice to listen to, actually. He breaks out a few well-placed solos here and there and it’s a shame some weren’t a little longer because they were excellent. Don’t underestimate his playing or capabilities — this guy can bring it! Dyer Knight has his own sound and style — some will like it and some won’t. It seems to work on just about every track. The drumming is adequate and fits nicely. Overall, it’s a decent Rock album … not too heavy, and a little mellow when the two ballads come into play, but otherwise average except when Bino kicks into one of his solos and let’s loose – those kick it up a notch.

On The Verge Of Reality can be put into the class of albums that sometimes take a little getting used to in order to enjoy.  You can’t go wrong in owning it. If you get the chance to hear parts of it first before spending money on it, by all means do so.


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