ATHORN – Phobia

ATHORN - Phobia
  • 9/10
    ATHORN - Phobia - 9/10


AFM Records
Release date: September 17, 2010

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Athorn’s Phobia demonstrates the band has devoured their musical tastes from several worlds in Metal. They have a tool box made of Thrash, Modern Power Metal, Groovy stuff, and reminders from the Extreme Metal realm. Just like other bands that have affection towards progression (nice ring to it), Athorn stands tall by not letting anyone who listens to their material lay down to take a nap. Like in the later Nevermore albums, Athorn displays there is no end to where you can progress with your music. Even if they are using elements that are pretty much normal in substance, they eliminate any doubt by cancelling the notion of being just a regular modern Metal band.

With strong points like slender (yet very tight) production, amazing melodies and solos, tons of rhythmic shifts and outstanding passages, Phobia is a cross repeatedly between old school and new school, classic and extreme. Many Metal bands have tried to do the same as Athorn, but not many have succeeded to present such varied and interesting material. Other than Nevermore and likeness in vocals to Tim “The Ripper” Owens (a wonderful performance by the band’s vocalist, Carsten Frank), it is tough to pinpoint other resemblances to other modern acts.

Maybe the one thing that could have gone differently by the band is that they could have included the track “Wink Of Death” from their last year’s EP, Livable Hatred. This track is superb. However, not to worry, there are enough destructive tracks on this current album as it stands.

If you are on a quest for immense inner emotions of fear, or just have a wish to hear something different, Phobia is your playground for exploration. Even though most of the Athorn members are veterans in their Metal making, not every band is able to come up with such a barrage of talent and creativity … so be sure to check this band out!


  1. Angel Of The Fall
  2. Emperor Of Ruins
  3. Humanize The Demon
  4. Phobia – Prologue
  5. Phobia
  6. After The End
  7. A Matter Of Time
  8. From Beyond
  9. The Ferryman
  10. Schizophrenia


Carsten Frank – Vocals
Stefan Aedo – Guitar
Tobias Liedke – Guitar
Thomas Maiwald – Bass
Sören Becker – Drums


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