SISTER SIN – True Sound Of The Underground

SISTER SIN - True Sound Of The Underground
  • 7/10
    SISTER SIN - True Sound Of The Underground - 7/10


Metal Heaven/Victory
Release date: July 23, 2010

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Sister Sin was as good an example as anyone of a band reasonably seasoned by the time it’s debut Switchblade Serenades came out; a collection of songs written over a period of quite a few years. That’s why its even more odd sophomore release, True Sound Of The Underground, sees Sister Sin in such a similar light as last time around, especially since bassist and major songwriter Chris Martensson’s departure, leaving remaining members to start working new material from scratch. Yet, Sister Sin roars on undaunted, with its style intact. The production flows better though, sacrificing some of the rawness of the debut with a fuller, slightly more metallic sound – ironically enough, winding up not sounding as “underground”.

Listeners can be assured that Sister Sin is still basically more Mötley-like than the Crüe themselves nowadays. The title track kicks off True Sound Of The Underground with a traditional sense and proceeds to set the tone with an album that makes up in energetic enthusiasm, and even songwriting calibre, what it may lack regarding genuine musical variety. Tales of defiance, rebellion and angst wrapped in chants, punctuated rhythm and old-school riffage, topped of with Liv’s vocal approach that comes off confident and sexually arrogant at the same time. Songs such as “Better Than Them” and first single “Outrage” hammers down the philosophy of ”less is more” by setting out to command the listener with hooks rather than showing off spectacular flamboyance.

Their choice of a cover song is likewise obscure again; U.D.O.’s “24/7” gets hardened up a bit yet doesn’t come off odd in the scheme of things, but rather as another original. That’s probably Sister Sin’s ultimate strength; despite it’s obvious influences, throughout the midst, the group managed to form an recognizable identity of its own.


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