ENDANGERED REIGN – Fractured Reality

ENDANGERED REIGN - Fractured Reality
  • 8.5/10
    ENDANGERED REIGN - Fractured Reality - 8.5/10


Release date: March 20, 2010

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Here is a chunky piece of Metal for you. If you like it classic, heavy, deep, yet, with a long trail of modernity, Endangered Reign is the right one for you. This American band delivered its third album not long ago, and it seems odd that they still have not gotten the full attention they deserve. The question is why the hell not?

Maybe this band is not that unknown, maybe less unknown than potentially known, yet many share the opinion that Endangered Reign can be a star in the Metal world. Other than Extreme Metal, this band is almost everything that Metal has to offer. Within the new Fractured Reality there is the depth and heaviness of Brainstorm and Machine Head, complexity of early Nevermore, a Swedish Melodic Metal touch and sort of Evergrey-ish darkened image. Then there is the amazing line of semi-melodic (part melancholic felt) vocals. So what’s to look for that’s not here?

If you are worried about the production quality, don’t be. This may not be the ultimate, bombastic production of nowadays, yet it still maintains a level of positive old school like thinking and planning (okay maybe the sound of the drums may drive you crazy occasionally – rather on the first trials of the album). The probable wish was to make something heavy and merciless, however, there is the feeling that this album did not come over for the slaughtering of ears as Brutal Death Metal does.

After the production there is the main reason why Fractured Reality and why this band is worth knowing. Most of the tracks presented are a kick in the face. With touches of groove, palm muted blowouts, which whoever adores chunky heaviness will fall in love with, and a bit of complexion, this one kills. Great heavy melodic addictions as “Fractured Reality”, “Edge Of The Unreal”, “Absence Of Time” and “Descend” are simply extraordinary. 80s reminders as “Tears Of Glass” and “Breeding Jericho” (a great memorial song for Jewish history) are the breathing fire of the old days. Other notables are a good mixture of both worlds such as “Soul Cages” and “Mind Messiah”. Not everything is milk and butter, yet the majority of this release is plain amazing.

Fractured Reality is what modern Metal should be all about, fracturing the realities of the genre into several possibilities to experience. Endangered Reign should be acknowledged for releasing this one. Who knows, maybe they will eventually.

Steinmetal’s highlights on the tracklist

  1. Edge of the Unreal
  2. Fractured Reality
  3. Mind Messiah
  4. Tears of Glass
  5. Absence of Time
  6. Lost in the Grey
  7. Soul Cages
  8. Descend
  9. Last Laugh
  10. Bleeding Jericho


Anthony Cunningham – vocals
Mark Dezurik Ridenour – guitar, vocals
Brian Newman – guitar, vocals
Jeremy Diephouse – drums


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