SADIST – Season In Silence

  • 8/10
    SADIST - Season In Silence - 8/10


Scarlet Records
Release Date: March 19, 2010

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With the sweaty hot summer season, this album is the opportunity to summarize the winter season with its coldness and chilly manner. Season In Silence, silent as Death, silence as the cold frost, those are the sounds of the longstanding snow people from Italy, Sadist. After linking a new contract with Italy’s Scarlet Records, the Progressive Death band emerged with another taste of how to defy the rules of the Metal game.

After hearing the sounds and feeling the sights of Season In Silence, one thing is certain, this band, right from the start, intended to be different. Their music may give the impression of later Death, Emperor albums or even old Sadus or Atheist releases, yet, after almost every passing moment, the obscurity, which led the progression parade, made this one tick with grey and white colors. From the first riffage of the intro’s follower, “Broken And Reborn” to the last cup of the final closing outro of “Hiberna” (the winter sleep), it is very close to pure genius. Do not try to search for something catchy to hang on to, because there is no branch for you to hold on to.
Sadist, with their utmost experience over the years, came to show a different model of progression. It is rather hard to explain in words their superior diversity. The shifting from genre to genre, whether it is Jazz, Rock or Metal (molded with their long running extremeness), is something that not every band can actually control. Many have their eyes set for the attributes of Hard Rock, yet, On Season In Silence, the wickedness surfaced from beneath a dissimilar icy edge. For example, what are mostly intensifying are the amazing lead guitar flickers, strong thumping drums and atmospheric keys. The collaboration between those and the astounding bass work, drew a lot of attention. Above those, flying the assorted form of growl vocals by the band’s Trevor.

Another cool thing about the music is that Sadist created an illusion as if there is no direction to where they are heading. As one walks through the long series of riffs, he would eventually be stopped by the “unexpected” effect of the band’s music. When it is hard to predict something that will change one’s perception of the so-called “rules”, a new discovery will be visible – there are no rules. Season In Silence, on its awkwardness and unusual vision, holds the sign of mere originality. In various areas, it may sound as a modern form of Death Metal; however, after listening closely, it is not the same.

The fact that Sadist did not receive a full load grade for their fine work is because, however, trying to be different, sometimes their made illusion of no direction fails. The meaning is that some of the songs are hard to comprehend due to the parts where there are disconnections between riffages and the routes between the dots of the songs practically crumble. Fortunately, on most of the album, Sadist fulfilled their purpose and made a fine impression on how they perfected themselves to bring out such a release.
In the end, only the remaining cold of winter will tell the tale for Sadist. Season In Silence has almost everything in Metal, except from being retro in approach. Nevertheless, as long as it bears interest and musical fruits, it’s fine from this end.

Steinmetal’s highlights on the tracklist

  1. Aput
  2. Broken and Reborn
  3. Season in Silence
  4. The Attic and the World of Emotions
  5. Evil Birds
  6. Ogron
  7. Night Owl
  8. Snowman
  9. Bloody Cold Winter
  10. The Abyss
  11. Frozen Hands
  12. Hiberna


Trevor – Vocals
Tommy – Guitar, Keyboards
Andy – Bass
Alessio – Drums


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