CRAZY LIXX – New Religion

CRAZY LIXX - New Religion
  • 5/10
    CRAZY LIXX - New Religion - 5/10


Release date: March 19, 2010

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Settled somewhere in between Poison’s bubble gum Pop Rock and the Arena approach of the Jovi and Leppard’s of this world, Crazy Lixx does most according to the book; the licks and big choruses are certainly at place. Not to mention the lyrics, liking women to miracle workers that offer medicine and superstition, tales of heartbreaks and wishes of eternal youth. Topped with applaudable execution and rounded production, New Religion should be a wet dream for the general fan of its genre.

So, where lies the problem? Well, despite having obvious access to all the ingredients to bake Big Rock cookies that should offer sensation to Glamsters’ ears, the aftertaste ends up surprisingly bland, most probably so because the dough simply doesn’t stick to begin with. The occasional “woo-hoo” used to sprinkle the likes of the Alice Cooper-ish “21 Til I Die” ends up just not enough to make the finish line in terms of genuine memorable command.

A case of the oven not set accordingly or simply uneven use of mentioned ingredients? For whatever reason, New Religion doesn’t strike nearly good enough to be part of the frontline of current Swedish Glam.


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