SPLIT HEAVEN – Psycho Samurai

SPLIT HEAVEN - Psycho Samurai
  • 8.5/10
    SPLIT HEAVEN - Psycho Samurai - 8.5/10


High Roller Records
Release Date: February 15, 2010

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Following the psyched, high-pitched vocals of Eligio Valenzuela of the self-titled killer, “Psycho Samurai”, it is signed, sealed and delivered why the 80’s is such an amazing era to be influenced by. As another addition to the newcomer bands’ family, Split Heaven is a group that does not share the same beliefs as modernized Metal bands,

Reviews were written about those kinds of bands as Split Heaven, as they are the keepers of the old guard and their numbers are rising. Their principle is to preserve Metal as old school as it can be. Heavy Metal, Power Metal and their father, NWOBHM, co-exist on the muchachos’ new and second album, Psycho Samurai, and nothing can break the bond between them. This bond is the vintage power of Metal and why its sound production, old styles of playing/performance, serve as the addicting drug to be consumed more and more.

Along with the old link, Split Heaven made a very good release that had been enriched with fine melodies a’la the early 80’s of the British scene and its American counterpart. Their relentless speeding, which reminds the beginning of Speed Metal, and the hymn-like structural type of Metal, will bring back the past to knock on your doors. Several of the older bands’ influences might launch you to Iron Maiden, Riot, Tokyo Blade, Accept and you just can’t miss Savatage and Crimson Glory (especially noted by the high-pitch mania, way to go Valenzuela!!). This list can go on and on presenting a vast line of groups in order to show you that Split Heaven, as reminiscent of many of their league, were influenced by top class bands. However, this band did hand out something that is probable to be heard many times, yet they knew where to punch and how to write material that flags good quality.

Psycho Samurai challenges the modern with great delivered tunes of vintage speed (“Immortal”, “Psycho Samurai”, “Steel Liver”). Heavy melodic scorchers (“Split Heaven”, a tune taken from their debut as an add-on from High Roller Records, “Motorblade”, “Iron Witch”, “White Death” and another soul of fire, “My Soul Burns Forever”).

This album, originally released by Blower Records in 2008, was re-released on vinyl by High Roller Records with two extras for you to dig in. If you are into the 80’s, you are in for Split Heaven. This is an undeniable “must have”, so go on and snatch it up. If there is a Split Heaven out there above, it is probably above Mexico. Salute to the 80’s!


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