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Release date: February 15, 2010

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Ancient Greek tradition never has been so addictive, with its mythology and its stories. Years after this magnificent era of classical Greece, Rotting Christ has immersed themselves into placing their unique way of playing Metal to the side of such classic chronicles. After amazing the Metal world with their previous creation, Theogonia, Rotting Christ became even more connected to their ancestral roots and created yet another high quality release, Aealo, which means devastation and destruction.

Centuries after the endeavors of the battlefield of Pydna, where the Romans crushed the rule of the Macedonian kings, Sakis Tolis (a.k.a. Necromayhem) , the leader of Rotting Christ, took that event as an inspiration to form one of the greatest wonders the band has ever created through its 20+ years of existence. If you thought that Thy Might Contract, Sanctus Diavolos, A Dead Poem and Theogonia were supreme, just wait until you take a listen to this gem.

Rotting Christ, through their career, tried to perfect their musical sense as they originally shifted from Grindcore to Blackened Death Metal. Ever since the rise of A Dead Poem it seemed that Rotting Christ were trying to make another shift to their musical taste. However, continuing to make Blackened Death Metal, the foursome mixed up other sorts of sub-genres from the rather extreme kind like Gothic, Doom Metal. In addition, with the birth of Aealo, they enlisted Folk Metal. Largely, today you can’t really make what exact sub-genre Rotting Christ are playing, this unknown feature is why these guys are so successful, they know exactly where to stick their needles and whoever likes their Metal full of surprises with a knack for legends, Aealo is the answer.

This album is the battleground where enchanting melodies (part of those may sound repetitive at first, however when spinning this one more than a few shares, one would notice that there is a hidden purpose behind their re-emergence) entangled to the stories of Homer. To their side are the blackened speedy smackers and galloping “warfare” riffages (on all of their folkish add-ons) that meet Sparta’s 300 best warriors who fought against the Persians and Alexander The Great’s conquest in the east. Rotting Christ, through these stories and its complex musical form, displays the patriot warrior as he battles his own grief, sadness, anger and defeat on those bleeding grounds. Aealo, on its enchanting track list, shows a mature Rotting Christ, a band that began the process years ago, yet, not long ago, came along with that true aspect to be proud about. They present the pain behind the effects of warfare and wars between neighbors and with a hidden message, they voted for peace. The Metal world and the world itself should heed their call; it is not a “cry wolf” by any chance.

Highlights: All the tracks are amazing (almost without shortcomings). Those mostly to be adored are “Demonon Vrosis”, “Aealo”, “Santa Muerte”, “Noctis Era”, and “Eon Aenaos”.

Aealo walks through fields of blood and hate, from end to end as you will discover, if you think beyond the pains of this world as the ancient Greek stories serve as an allegory to what happens nowadays.


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