FREEDOM CALL – Legend Of The Shadowking

FREEDOM CALL - Legend Of The Shadowking
  • 8/10
    FREEDOM CALL - Legend Of The Shadowking - 8/10


SPV / Steamhammer
Release date: February 1, 2010

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The rumors of the “calling it quits” of Dan Zimmermann of Freedom Call were just plain rumors. No one will take a co-founder from his baby that is for sure. Other than that, Freedom Call, a while ago, issued its sixth album, Legend Of The Shadowking.

This sort of semi-concept release kept Freedom Call in the world of fantasy and legendary tales, yet it also took them into darker places. The Power Metal which was once employed on their early creations, has turned into something a bit different. This sort of dark aura is one of the few remarkable elements of this album. Other than that, one can easily attain that Freedom Call, formed right after Zimmermann joined as the drummer of Gamma Ray, is a type of an offshoot of both Gamma Ray and Helloween. Other than the metallic touch of Hansen, Freedom Call, even on its production aspects, jogs under the same image. Maybe the main difference between Gamma Ray and Freedom Call is the vocal section. Chris Bay, once known from Herman Frank’s Moondoc, and with respects to Kai Hansen, is way better at this point.

Nevertheless, resemblance as it may seem, Freedom Call knows how to make good Power Metal music. On their prior releases, it was more of a “cheerful” kind of style, full of speed and trill oriented riffages. In comparison to the past, Legend Of The Shadowking, is not that of a different creature, however, it is holding darkness in its clutches. This kind of mystery, suspense, and a twisted new approach cut down the level of unoriginality when it came to the band’s material.

The new applied different setting on Legend Of The Shadow King came to effect on tracks as “Under The Spell Of The Moon”, “Dark Obsession”, “The Darkness” and “The Shadowking”. Except from “The Darkness”, which rather succumbed to monotony, the others, especially the first among the mentioned, are rather interesting and kind of atmospheric. As for Freedom Call’s true nature, there are the Power/Speed outbursts. The displayed tunes that sound a bit banal at times, however melodic and fun, tend to paint them in pink. Although the first three harmonious tunes, which are Euro Power Metal in its truest form, “Out Of The Ruins”, “Thunder God” and “Tears Of Babylon”, there is nothing new here.

If heaviness is what you seek, there is no heaviness, except for minor moments. However, this is an experienced group with a pleasing offering, which is way better than their previous release. Freedom Call of 2010 is fun and games, yet, it has also formed a darkened shape around it. Fans of Gamma Ray and old Helloween will love this one.


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