OVERKILL – Ironbound

OVERKILL - Ironbound
  • 9/10
    OVERKILL - Ironbound - 9/10


Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: January 29, 2010

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One should take pride of being a member of the black and green crew; this is true Overkill quality. This ride is back to the past folks, back to the crazy days of the 80s, back to true, nostalgic, crushing old school Thrash Metal. Overkill, one of the biggest names in the Thrash Metal world, chose to follow their roots, which took them back to their origin place of the Ironbound district. For their new album, they chose to honor this district by naming it Ironbound. In addition to the new album, Overkill made a label switch and decided to knock (or be knocked) by Nuclear Blast Records.

With the unleashing of Ironbound, after the rather disappointing former stuff of 2007’s, Immortalis, it seems that Overkill thought about their die-hard fans. Perhaps of many other older fans of the band, to lash out a release that will send them back to their classic killers as Under The Influence, Taking Over, The Years Of Decay and even their classic debut of Feel The Fire. From this end, Overkill started a great fire away for the new decade and also made everyone understand that you just can’t ignore your roots, bear in mind that you have to stick to them. These guys are all (and will always be) green and black followed by their winged skeletal, they crush and burn with classic Thrash that will blow you to bits.

As for the served dish of Ironbound, Overkill emerged with surprises, through the tracks of course, that welcomed their new sound (more like the innovation of their earlier sound from the late 80s) with a paddle to the metal. This new pounder strikes with a Speed/Thrash smack down that is led by moshing tracks as the thrashing groovy maniacs of “Ironbound”, “The Green And Black”, “Killing For A Living” and “Bring Me The Night” (check out also the fine video made for this track as well). If you can’t help it, there are a few tracks that will slow things down a bit (but hey it’s Overkill so don’t trust it to be that slow) as “The Goal Is Your Soul”, “Give A Little” (check out the soft singing by the Blitz… cool stuff), “The SRC” and the Maidenish-like “Endless War”. Other tracks as “In Vain” and “The Head And The Heart” are nice yet can’t overcome the hostility and explosiveness of the mentioned Thrashers.

Nuclear Blast is proud to present a blast from the past, they got Overkill, the wrecking crew that its experience and finesse are hard to come by. Ironbound took on good form and with hope that its follower will be even better. Take charge with Blitz the D.D and knock yourself out.


  • Lior Stein

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