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Standstill And Scream Records
Release date: January 18, 2010

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When was the last time you heard hard kicking, guitar shredding old school Thrash Metal? Over the years, there were bands which added shred guitar techniques to their repertoire; however, such a massive shredding devastation in such an immense altitude was never, or maybe almost non-existent, heard throughout the years of Thrash. That is why the person who’s in charge of this one wanted to lay back the roots to their rightful place. Thanks to David Reffett, the Metal world has been awarded with a chance to experience a series of high-class guitar playing by a dude, followed by his and his guests’ playing abilities. This will eventually make his way of bringing back the old school back to Metal’s public knowledge. For Reffett there is only one way to Thrash, one way to make Heavy Metal, and with his new The Call Of The Flames, it’s the old way to reach a damned highway.

The Call Of The Flames, on most of its whole, is what old school Thrash Metal is all about. There are fast-paced solos and crunchy riffs, mostly fast beats, raspy toned vocals filled with anger, social like lyrical themes that merely discuss the annoying way of life made by nowadays society. There is also another aspect – a respect to the ones who made Thrash Metal just as it was made back in the good old days. The last two sentences were practically what made David Reffett, a high skilled shredder/writer and composer/Berkeley graduate of Music Business Management, to unleash his wrath on the modernized scene of today’s Metal. For David, Metal is passion and should be made with such zeal that will change the world of tomorrow, there is no place for empty stuff like everything that surrounds us today, and it’s time for the truth to rise.

Behind David’s vision of Metal, he has strong proof that his visualization of a true Metal future is something even more worthy to work on. Through his project, Shredding The Envelope, joined by his musical partners as Nancy Taylor and icon drummer Mike Mangini (known from Extreme, Annihilator and Steve Vai), David blasted many borders that were just waiting in line to be broken. Besides bringing on a strong line-up of guest lead shredders as Joe Stump, George Lynch, Chris Poland, Glen Drover and David’s god of all, Michael Angelo Batio, David proved to be a high class shredder (and also a heavily Mustaine influenced singer). In addition, he turned out to be an amazing writer as he composed crushing meat grinders to the side of Hard N’ Heavy rhythms filled with emotive touches. With the list of guitarists that helped David fulfill his achievement, this guy made his way to be number one.

The Call Of The Flames is exactly as the title states, it’s the call for the old flames. Those flames charged up the Metal world on it’s finest hour of world domination and the answer to get back to the saddle came in order to keep on following those flames that maintained this strong genre of music into a new age of recognition and success. Experience the truth and the abilities behind David Reffett’s works and you will discover that naivety is out of the question and out of order.

Highlights: Pick anyone you want and it will amaze you. However, most preferred were: “The Call Of The Flames”, “Ruby Avalanche Red Flood”, “Standstill And Scream”, “Devil’s Roadmap”, “The Wonder, The Curse And The Crave” and “I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye”.


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