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Season Of Mist
Release date: January 18, 2010

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It’s the time of darkness, total dimness. Everything seems to be lifeless or full of aching depression. Whether it’s the darkened atmosphere or the feeling of coldness, it’s another Black Metal act, and not something made in Norway. Although there are Norwegian elements, this is something made in Germany. This is the third album of the Season Of Mist band, Imperium Dekadenz.

Imperium Dekadenz, born in Germany in 2005 is actually a duo line-up. When the band became more than just a recording sitting ground, a live line-up was formed. Since their formation, the band released two studio albums… Und Die Welt Ward Kalt Und Leer and Dämmerung der Szenarien both under the Perverted Taste label. Their new album, Procella Vadens signs another milestone in the band’s career as they signed with Season Of Mist Records.

Procella Vadens, which comes as another addition to the band catalog, is motionless in both a positive and negative way. Starting with the positives, Imperium have made their way into being a very pleasant atmospheric and epical entity. Their fulfillment is by use of various acoustic guitar verses, some ambiance, keyboards and extensive dark riffed harmonies mastered by gloomy melodies with good sound production. Those created the unknown that will unfold to inner turbulence of metaphors concerning life and its surroundings. Other than being a different kind of Black Metal outfit, Imperium did not sink their teeth deep enough in order to let one capture their true nature.

Although the band shares elements and traits with the Norwegian Black Metal scene, Imperium, aside from going towards melodies and rather atmospheric music, have not made enough efforts on the majority of their riffs and their songs’ structures. They had nice attempts on letting the aura take the lead; however, everything starts and ends with the lead role of the guitars and drums. Their chosen sound was excellent and it’s always a pleasure to hear that old school feel of Emperor, Immortal and others. Nevertheless, putting the soft instrumentals aside, a good number of songs lack a bit of freedom that will inspire or make one comeback to them. The usage of ambiance and atmospheric tools is not enough. Imperium have good moments of flowing melodies and painful growls, yet overall, they missed something very important which is a favorable diversity. It seems like they played a few chosen riffs, melodic in nature nevertheless, and several drumming styles and that is it, no more.

Maybe one of the greatest hopes of this release, and Imperium’s material, are the wonderful acoustics and atmospheric moments. These parts are “A La Nuit Tombante”, “Wenn Der Sturm Beginnt” and many other more electric moments on songs as “Procella Vadens”, “Ocean, Mountains Mirror”, “Ego Universalis”, “An Autumn Serenade” and the best track, “A Million Moons”.

Imperium Dekadenz has the means of making their album amazing with their atmospheric route; they just have to turn it up a bit or they will just be another Black Metal band that once had potential.


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