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    REECE - Universal Language - 8/10


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Release Date: August 28, 2009

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David Reece is a well-known name to fans of the Hard Rock/Melodic Rock genre. He is the current lead singer in the Swedish band Gypsy Rose, but he’s also known for his time with bands like Accept and Bangalore Choir. After several years in the duty of others he’s finally here with his first solo album, entitled Universal Language.

Reece started writing this album in 2008 with guitarist Andy Susemihl (ex-U.D.O.), and they really seem to have a mutual understanding when it comes to song writing. This album contains twelve strong Melodic Rock songs, and though the genre itself has become a bit of a cliché as most bands want to play like Whitesnake did in the 80s, Reece really puts his own touch to this release and it’s up there with the greatest records of this genre.

Joining Reece and Susemihl on this record is bass player Jochen Fünders (ex-Holy Moses) and up-and-coming drummer Stefan Schwarzmann. They create a strong rhythm section for the songs, and with Reece and Susemihl leading the band this is a great combination. The band members interact great with each other and that this is their first album playing together is a bit hard to believe.

On Universal Language you’ll find both cool hard rockers and easygoing power ballads. Songs like the heavy album opener “Before I Die” and the up-tempo Joe Lynn Turner-esque “Flying Close To The Flame” are good representatives for the Hard Rock part of this record, while the slowest song on the record, “Once In A Lifetime,” represents the brilliant contrasts to them. The thing about Reece is that even though some of the songs can be a bit of a cliché he avoids writing lyrics that are embarrassingly similar to everything else within the genre (you know “you’re the girl of my dreams” and so forth). But every rule has an exception, and this album is no different. The song “Queen Of My Dreams” is an ok ballade, but we’ve all heard this before and the lyrics are embarrassing.

What’s most impressive about this record are the performances of Reece and Susemihl. Reece sings incredibly good on all the songs, be it a heavy hard rocker or a down-tempo ballad. This man has a strong voice that’s up there with the best of them. Susemihl plays strong riffs and some amazing solos; his best one may very well be found on the song “All The Way.” The solos are inventive, melodic and at times really fast.

Reece impresses with his Universal Language, and Melodic Rock fans will surely embrace this release. Let’s hope he keeps this line-up and records another album in a not too distant future.


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