ENOCHIAN THEORY – Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio

ENOCHIAN THEORY - Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio
  • 7.5/10
    ENOCHIAN THEORY - Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio - 7.5/10


Anomalousz Music Records
Release date: August 3, 2009

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This album, under the title of Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio, is the subsequent release of Enochian Theory and is a new item in the scene of Progressive Metal. Deep thoughts and hard labor lead the path of this band and it’s shown in every single track of this release.

Their name, which originated in the 16th century language, said to be given to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley by angels who had developed into a theory of linguistics and magic.

Enochian Theory was formed at the closing stages of 2004. Only five months later the band released a demo album entitled Our Lengthening Shadows. In 2006 Enochian Theory recorded their debut album A Monument to the Death of an Idea. A short time after that recording they decided on forming their own record label, Anomalousz Music Records, in order to push themselves forward. The debut itself was finally released and officially distributed a year later. In the same year the band produced a single and a music video under the name Namyamka. Unfortunately, not long afterwards, as the exposure and the interest in the band grew stronger, their guitarist Scott Ware left the band. Nonetheless, the remaining three members, Ben Harris-Hayes (vocals & guitar), Shaun Rayment (bass) and Sam Street (drums and percussion), did not stop and they worked even harder and produced the second album, Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio (translation from Latin: Evolution: Creation Out Of Mothing), which was mixed by David Castillo (who also worked with acts as Katatonia and Opeth).

On this album, you will be able to hear inflexible demand for high quality. Every note and beat is a result of high contemplations, and every effect entrance is perfectly timed. The production and recording are clean and honed to an utmost perfection. However, the balance on the heavier sections is not quite right. The distortion is too soft and the guitars are brought way to the front, while the vocals are muted and hard to hear. Although the songs vary in genre, as to be expected in a Progressive Metal album, more versatility and breaks for some more esoteric genres, such as Jazz or Bosa Nova, would make the songs even more interesting to listen to. Moreover, there are combinations of minimalistic compositions on some parts and sophistication in progression that some people might find tedious. There seems to be a lack in more technical demanding sections and blasting solos, either because of the choice of the composer or because of a lack of technical ability. These sections are missing in the overall feel of the album.

Highlights: Thoughtful and innovative Alternative/Progressive Metal: “The Dimensionless Monologue” a trilogy, which consists of “Tedium”, “The Dimensionless Monologue” and “T.D.M.”, is a short composition with beat breaks and soft melodies combined with heavy riffs. Though divided into three tracks, the tracks don’t stand alone and can be referred to only when combined; “Apathia” has a great opening, though not balanced well. This is a heavy song with a broken tempo; “Movement” is a very good song with an interlaced dialogue between instruments and vocals; “The Fire Around The Lotus” takes you from softness to heaviness back and forth. A demonstration of very good performance and mixing; “A Monument To The Death Of An Idea” has a great feel and performed with careful precision.

Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio is a good album. Some more versatility and technique could make it even better. Enochian Theory has a great potential as a band and their work is very impressive. Hopefully, the band will continue to produce more of their high quality music. Stay tuned.


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