HERO – Immortal

HERO - Immortal
  • 8.5/10
    HERO - Immortal - 8.5/10


Retroactive Records
Release date: June 9, 2009

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When one thinks of Christian Metal, the first names that come to mind are Stryper, Holy Soldier, Barren Cross as the list goes on endlessly. Also on most occasions, those Christian Metal bands are American or from other Anglo Saxon countries. Here is an example of something a bit different and it all began with Michael Hjelte, also known as Michael Hero.

Once there was, or still is because its future is a bit of a blur, a Christian Heavy Metal trio group by the name of Sons Of Thunder, these guys performed since 1998 and released two albums in the process. Michael Hero, who served as a vocalist/guitarist, came to be in contact with another Swedish artist, Björn Sundström, whom together he started working on new material for yet another project that later on became Hero. As Hero proceeded, the Weinesjö brothers of the Progressive Gothic Doom outfit Veni Domine joined up as answer to Hero’s shortage in live members. In the bottom line, Hero went under a fusion of sorts of sub-genres in Metal and Rock: Heavy, Power , Thrash , Gothic , Progressive , Doom and Hard Rock, all swaying together under deeply emotional material with lots of character while all members joining on top of the vocal demand.

Immortal is Hero’s second album after debuting with Bless The Nation, delivered by Good News Music, and it also represented a landmark in the band’s career as Hero signed with the American label Retroactive Records.

As mentioned, the band’s material is a mixture of several sub-genres in Metal and Rock and this characteristic is the main difference between Hero and many other Christian Metal acts. Most of these Metal acts use Heavy Metal and Hard Rock to give a free rein to gospel lyrics of sorts with the Metal insignia. In comparison to these bands, Hero comes across as a unique flavor as they were able to layout creative material, which in its essence, is not that dissimilar from other Christian Metal band’s works even if Hero is so “The Preacher” type. However, the atmosphere that enfolds with the music, and even the pattern of singing, are something else and not that common. In order to exemplify, there are several tracks on which are the basis regarding Hero’s great “blending” abilities: Starting with a ballad like track, “Imagine This”, that reflects utter emotive aspects followed by tender keyboards and immense depth. As portrayed in Uriah Heep, the whole band takes on the vocals on back up and harmonize the leading role of Michael Hero who displays a baritone voice. Within the track, Hero blends Gothic and Hard Rock/Power Ballad elements to draw a bright picture, yet with an unseen blackness. Another track is the self-titled “Immortal”, which is stronger than the former, as it demonstrated a full-scale attack of Doom, Heavy and Power Metal with the core of Hard Rock. All of those run smoothly with a wonderful aura of the keyboards. Final example is “Funeral Of Death” that at first, when comprehending its main lead rhythm chant, sounds like the 70’s version of Black Sabbath, however later on embraces the loving hands of Gothic, Heavy and Power Metal.

Whoever listens to Immortal might find other connections between the sub-genres. It can be concluded that there is a hidden or indirect message through Hero’s music on this album and this message debates that it is recommended to spread out and squeeze other sub-genres in order to make one’s music as challenging and interesting, depending on one’s views of course.

Immortal is an album that will serve the Rocker, the Metalhead and whoever seeks an emotive style of music. Hero came out with something a bit different and in whole is impressive, even if several tracks don’t always stop as they keep on stretching the tunes like in “Funeral Of Death”, yet they did something that lots tried and only a few succeeded.

Highlights: “Immortal” , “Blood Red Roses” , “Rock The World” (Hero’s immense Kiss influence comes to life) , “Punch In The Face” , “Imagine This” , “When November Falls” , “Funeral Of Death”.

Join up the Immortals of Hero as they stand in front of the barriers of Christian Metal and into a glory ride.


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