ZANDELLE – Flames Of Rage

ZANDELLE - Flames Of Rage
  • 8.5/10
    ZANDELLE - Flames Of Rage - 8.5/10


Pure Steel Records
Release date: June 5, 2009

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Zandelle’s story is the reason why the mission to preserve True Metal is so elementary. In the Mid 1990s in the USA, while Metal received its blow by genres such as Rapcore, Alternative MTV style and Grunge, the former singer of the Power Metallers, Gothic Knights, George Tsalikis, got tired of whoever was messing with Heavy Metal. He decided, with two of his friends, to round up a strong Metal band that will devour the US scene and bring it back to its roots of Heavy Metal. Zandelle is the outcome of a true brave chronicle of going against the grain. But hey! Isn’t Metal following that general idea, “going against the grain”? In the case of Zandelle, throughout their 13 year career, the answer is yes. These guys don’t mess around, they strike down their enemies with aggressive Speed Heavy / Power Metal by way of determinate fiercefulness which can be found on both US and EU Power Metal scenes. You can even constantly find elements of Thrash Metal; however, Zandelle’s music mainly concentrates on the more melodic sides of Power Metal. Their main influence is Iron Maiden and they resemble acts like Hammerfall, Storyteller, Firewind and Cage.  Check out this aggressive Heavy / Power Metal unit on its violent moments.

Since their formation, this five-piece band released a single EP and four albums. Flames Of Rage is the band’s fourth album and the debut to come out under the band’s new label, the German based Pure Steel Records.

Within Flames Of Rage, and similar albums as Hibria’s The Skull Collectors for example, it seems that there is a worldwide phenomenon spreading around. Nevertheless, Zandelle aren’t catchy in any way like Hibria, yet the addition of rather progressed verses of music into the songs is an attempt to break the old morals of Heavy Metal. As far as it goes it’s not such a bad thing at all, Zandelle and others like it maintain the True Metal code and keep the spirit of Metal alive. Even the new album’s title, Flames Of Rage, and its cover art may channel certain thoughts and opinions regarding Metal stature in the world. From what is inferred from these two, Metal should rise from its underground grave and show the world what it’s really made of.  A True Metal fan can only wish for this to happen.

Back to the music, Zandelle are showing the meaning of heavily creative Power Metal, US and EU styles all together. Behind a killer production of insane brilliance, the guys created a frame full of looming darkness and mystery yet they let you be the judge of the picture behind these shades of grey. The course of the music was constructed of punching heavy riffs (These are the best definitions to “Fistful of Metal”), monstrous solos and harmonized leads made by two high rated axemen, a strong following bass line, drumming passages by an amazing drummer and lest not forget the front man that leads them all.

With this collaboration of talents and minds, Zandelle aims to conquer their local NY scene, a scene that once was the fan base of bands like Anthrax and Overkill. For all the New Yorkers whom are reading this review, fear not, you will be saved because Zandelle won’t let you go and they will bring back the Metal into your homes.

You can summarize the band’s hits from this album with the last track, “Eradicated Existence”, which flows for more than 20 minutes.  However this track has a major length that will remind one of songs from Dream Theater, but don’t get alarmed. This track represents Zandelle’s abilities in writing long length tracks without boring its audience. If you are looking for shorter tracks with great quality, “Killing Gaze”, “Broken Trust”, “Flames of Rage”, “Thermopylae”, “Inner Strength” and “Dark Nemesis” will be sufficient. Although not all of them are major hits, they will provide moments of amazing musicianship and lessons on how to write good mind invading tunes.

Now it’s time to unleash your Inner Strength and let everyone know that Metal won’t stay underground for long. Zandelle and bands like these will secure a good future for Metal and that is a promise.


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