SLOUGH FEG – Ape Uprising

SLOUGH FEG - Ape Uprising
  • 9/10
    SLOUGH FEG - Ape Uprising - 9/10


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Release date: May 8, 2009

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Something is going down in the vast jungles of society; the apes are rising against us. Ape Uprising is a pack, which is loaded with ironies, tragedies and philosophical issues of everyday life. You can also register this album as a weird type of Sociology lesson. Slough Feg or, in their full name, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, use the means of obscure Heavy Metal and bits of Hard Rock to keep our society in check. It is a jungle out there and you are a part of it, so watch out for those apes. For all who want to know, the name Slough Feg was derived from the British comic book series and the name is actually based on the main villain, Slaine, who lived inside the sceneries, which were mentioned in Celtic Myths.

Ape Uprising is the US Slough Feg’s new release for 2009 and they are almost coming up to 20 long years of music making.  Under a highly skilled production crew, Slough Feg tried to push their limits with this album. They made it a lot heavier than their previous, Hardworlder, which was rather more Hard Rock than a Heavy Metal record. Heavier as it is, yet it still depends on the guys’ own perspective regarding heaviness. One will notice many influences of 70s Hard Rock / Metal and early 80s Metal. To be more accurate, there are influences of 70s Black Sabbath, with their gloomy, doomy even somewhat stony pattern of riffs alongside raw and dirty types of the good old NWOBHM. Mixing both of these approaches makes Ape Uprising a hell of a listen and all you have to do is just enjoy the soaring and raspy vocal line , a horde of nostalgic , fuzzy riffs that were enriched with vintage like solos filled with tapping , hammering and screaming wah-wah howls. Moreover, the bass work is very dominant and you will notice how complex and articulate its lead riffs are. Also riding along with these riffs are the cool harmonies and small melodic verses that will send you back to Metal’s toddler years of 1975 – 1980. The self-titled track, “Ape Uprising”, is a 10 minute showcase of what Slough Feg did with all of the above and how skilled its members are. This track will give a better idea of what Slough Feg is all about.

The Sociologic jungle of Ape Uprising holds gems, which make it one of Slough Feg’s greatest works. With so many offerings for today’s generation, and probably more to come in future generations, still the vintage old music of early Metal spins around heads like it was a vintage alcohol party. Here are the gems: “Overborn” – it is like hearing Sabbath’s “After Forever” but with more feel to it. “Simeon Manifesto” – a little short on lyrics and more of an instrumental, this one is a short version of the showcase of Slough Feg, a very interesting track armed with a cool music. “Shakedown At 6” – the ultimate mix of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal with hellish solos of the late 70s. “Ape Outro” – a galloping NWOBHM track with a great vocal line , a real catchy one as well. “Nasty Hero” – yet another great mix of Metal and Hard Rock, the best song of this release, it just has everything… melodies and speed as if it was the first Maiden record (“Phantom Of The Opera” like), maniacal solos and an awesome main riff.

If old Metal gets to you or you wish to study the roots of all that is new in Metal or you have this passion for good music – take a bite of the ape’s ass and Slough Feg will deliver.


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