AMORAL – Show Your Colors

AMORAL - Show Your Colors
  • 9/10
    AMORAL - Show Your Colors - 9/10


Spikefarm / Spinefarm Records
Release date: May 6, 2009

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The Finnish group Amoral drew two important conclusions which make it creative and artistic in comparison to many of today’s bands in the Metal world.

First, the band’s new young frontman, Ari Koivunen, is Finland’s future generation of melodic lead singers. His voice is one of best heard among young Metal singers today. His pattern seems to be deeply rooted in the early period of Ralph Scheepers of Primal Fear in his previous years with Tyran’s Pace and some similarities to Ripper Owens. In 2007, the dude won the Finnish version of American Idol that, unlike the American version which is more of a pop sell-out, gives a chance to a starlet Rocker / Metalhead who blows everyone away with his high-class talent. Koivunen’s addition to Amoral elevated their form and it presents them as a top of the line act of Modern Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Hard Rock with various technical add-ons.

Second, Amoral, the 12 years running band, and still running, which sustained all of its years, until Ari’s addition, on strong influences of Tech Death Metal that are presented in their three studio albums between 2004-2007. While listening to these guys play, both on their earlier material and in their current album, Show Your Colors, one cannot ignore these guys’ talent. Every one of them is highly skilled on his instrument and these skills were translated into great musical compositions.

Looking forward to the far future, with confidence, it is positive to say that Koivunen’s recruitment and Amoral’s musical change of course, will make them one of the most highly acclaimed Metal bands in Finland. The interesting fact is that it is hard to recognize the band’s influences because of their blend of sub-genres in Metal with Modern Rock. Show Your Colors proves that emphasis by showcasing various Metal riffs joined by Hard Rock / Rock touches, in a more modern style, while adding technical attributes to the songs.

You will probably notice, in several sections of the album that Amoral, instrumentally, did not quite leave their Tech Death Metal visions and its noticeable within the grind drumming here and there and also in some of the Modern Death Metal riffs. However, extremeness does not rule them anymore. Today they depend on the classical Metal subgenres that have almost full dominance and control. As for the technical matters, in most of the songs there is a technical style of playing, but not entirely like their past era and in the same magnitude. The band, since their transformation, has been sticking to the strict playing of traditional Metal / Rock. The additions of limited portions of technicality and grooves helped to create interesting pieces of remarkable music with loads of power, which also relied on state of the art production, along with darkened elements that scream out softness that is provided by sections of cold vocals and calm electric / acoustic verses.

If you are on a quest for a piece of music that will intrigue you and challenge you, rest assured that Amoral will fulfill your longing. With factors of artistic view and talent, they can do whatever they want. The path they chose to follow through, after their early period, is the right way to reach the top.

Highlights include “Release”, starts like a new Amorphis song until the curtain unveils and the real experience begins. “A Shade Of Grey”, “Year Of The Suckerpunch” which is the band’s single near the end of 2008, “Song For The Stubborn”, a little piece of mixture that reaches even Alternative views of Metal. “Vivid”, “Gave Up Easy”, “Last October” which is a nice short ballad of emotional grandeur, and “Exit”.


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