IAN GILLAN – One Eye To Morocco

IAN GILLAN - One Eye To Morocco
  • 8/10
    IAN GILLAN - One Eye To Morocco - 8/10


Eagle Records
Release date: March 31, 2009

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If you’re ever in need of a slight reprieve from Hard Rock or Metal, MER is here to help. We’re not going to give you Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift or any of their contemporaries, (to hell with that shit) but surely there’ve been occasions where the most seasoned Metal fan is looking for something to lighten their mood. It’s okay to slow the breakneck pace that comes along with headbanging by listening to someone like Ian Gillan.

The man’s work with Deep Purple has been well noted and those that are waiting for something new from them have a fitting alternative with this collection of tracks. One Eye to Morocco is excellent for fans of Purple and Gillan alike. It’s been ten years since the guy released an album of entirely new stuff, but his work here more than proves its value.

This isn’t exclusively a Rock album; at times it’s got a southern fried bluesy style and some occasionally soulful flourishes to go along with it. In fact, there are also interesting electronic influenced genres that Gillan delves into. The overall vibe is a laidback one. As you listen, you’ll likely feel inclined to kick back and chill out. This isn’t an album that induces the anger, power, or fury that Metal can inspire. Rather, it’s about Classic, Old School Rock, and reverence for its foundations.

Songs like “Better Days” see Gillan testing his skills as a blues vocalist. Unsurprisingly, he pulls things off without a hitch. “Deal With It” has the aforementioned electronic touch to it. Once again, the man succeeds in taking a seemingly strange style and incorporating it into his own personal sound. If you want some really catchy tracks, “Don’t Stop” and “Ultimate Groove” will be a source of satisfaction. They’ve got simple choruses, but don’t fail to stick.

Deserving of special note are Gillan’s bandmates. Michael Lee Jackson handles just about all of the guitar duties on this album and it’s clear that he’s a seasoned pro. His tone consistently seems appropriate for each song. Jesse O’Brien’s piano and organ playing also add a lot of flair and texture to the music. Half the tracks on this album feature saxophone playing from Joe Mennonna. Like those already mentioned, he adds a good amount of depth to things. These aren’t the only musicians that accompany Gillan, but they’re all worthy of praise. Everyone comes off sounding like tested vets of the Rock scene without giving off a sense of old age.

It may have been some time since Gillan gave us new material, but the wait was more than worthwhile. This is a rock album with versatility and that rare sense of coolness that few musicians can convey. Gillan’s unique tone and those that he surrounds himself with, make for one of the most well performed Classic Rock releases of the year. So, when you’re ready to relieve the whiplash and recognize some great Classic Rock, be sure to give One Eye to Morocco a shot.

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