THIN LIZZY – Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theatre Philadelphia

THIN LIZZY - Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theatre Philadelphia
  • 8.5/10
    THIN LIZZY - Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theatre Philadelphia - 8.5/10


VH1 Classic Records
Release date: March 3, 2009

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Thin Lizzy is a band that needs no introduction. They’ve inspired a countless number of groups with classic hits like “The Boys Are Back In Town”, “Jailbreak”, and others. Lizzy left an indelible mark on the Rock scene that has yet to diminish and they continue to welcome new fans because they could rock as hard as any of their contemporaries. Since Phil Lynott’s untimely passing over two decades ago, the band has never been the same. Fortunately, with the release of Still Dangerous, fans of one of Hard Rock’s more influential groups are in for a highly palatable treat. This album exudes energy of a kind that is rarely replicated during today’s era of concerts and it’s all because of the spirit that Lizzy personified during its heyday.

What you get with this release is precisely what you’d hope for: powerful musicianship coupled with just plain fun and timeless songwriting. Listening to it brings one back to a time when Hard Rock was truly hard and more meaningful than it is today. The classic lineup of Phil Lynott (bass/vocals), Scott Gorham (guitars), Brian Robertson (guitars) and Brian Downey (drums), doesn’t disappoint and shows how much of an aura they could create. Thin Lizzy was a very good band in-studio, but in a live setting, they were even better. It was onstage that they were truly allowed to flourish and unleash their own brand of pure rock fury. Once they began playing, the energy level would almost always skyrocket and remain at the highest of levels until the show came to a close.

It’s important to note that Still Dangerous isn’t a rehash of 1978’s Live and Dangerous. While there’s no denying that the track lists are similar, there are a couple valuable additions to this latest offering. Two songs, “Soldier of Fortune” and “Opium Trail”, weren’t on the older release. Do these two songs make the album worth picking up? No, but they show a side of the band that fans have yet to hear and are very deserving of a listen.

All of the tracks on this one are strong, and a testament to the vigor that Lizzy embodied onstage. When you listen to a live album, it shouldn’t be the least bit difficult to envision yourself as an audience member. It’s not at all challenging to do that here. One of the things that makes this album fun is the way the performance seems to progress. Initially, there is very little banter between Lynott and the crowd. Then again, there doesn’t need to be, as the performances really do speak for themselves. If hard hitting guitars and crafty songwriting are your thing, you will be more than satisfied with what you’ll hear. The dual guitar attack provided by Gorham and Robertson never wavers and their solos are crisp and invigorating. Lynott seems to loosen up a bit towards the album’s close, as evidenced by the raucous crowd interaction that takes place on “Baby Drives Me Crazy”. Production is spot on and leaves you feeling like you’re right there amidst the audience.

Anyone that’s ever enjoyed Thin Lizzy and wants to add more of their material to their personal collection should get this album. If you’re in need of an intro to the band, this is also not a bad place to start. The only downside – Still Dangerous is bound to remind you of how much Phil Lynott’s presence on the scene is missed. At the very least, however, we can all be thankful that the band elected to release this album. Not only does it bring give us a bit more time with the late Lynott, it also proves to be one of the best live releases of the year and serves as a memento of the greatness of Thin Lizzy.

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