HIBRIA – The Skull Collectors

HIBRIA - The Skull Collectors
  • 9.5/10
    HIBRIA - The Skull Collectors - 9.5/10


Remedy Records
Release date: February 10, 2009

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In 1996, something major happened in the great nation of Brazil. The Power Metal destroyer, Hibria, was torn out of its womb. The band relies on European Heavy Metal influences such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Primal Fear, Sinner and the Far East megastars, Loudness. After serving out demos and a single until 2001, the guys began releasing albums. Their debut was Defying The Rules, which was on its way to glory in 2004. This monster knocked out any other release that came out of Brazil and with its flair, it succeeded to adjust a new standard in Power Metal music in South America.

Now, after five long years of unbearable anticipation, the new release, The Skull Collectors, is out to destroy. With this album, Hibria secured its position as the top Power Metal act in Brazil and a great challenger to be South America’s greatest melodic act. Hibria’s members had elevated themselves as musicians and as songwriters. Their formula that brought their material to greatness is something to admire and to learn from.

The main aspect of Hibria’s triumph with The Skull Collectors and prior material is based on their abilities to construct great choruses, which resemble Euro styled ones, and breaking the traditional structures of early Heavy Metal.
On The Skull Collectors the band occasionally overuses its chorus break sections with somewhat similar ideas. Hibria tends to use the melodic choruses, which after a couple of listens are not as exciting as before. Moreover, they come to the point where they lose their touch and important leverage.

Getting back to the album’s outstanding features, aside from the great production, which improved miraculously since Defying The Rules, there are endless demonstrations of these guys’ traits as high standard professionals. With their attributes, they created amazing classical melodies and riffs with hints of the old days. The solos, main riffs, complex drum passages and almost unbelievable bass work are specifics, which are rooted deep within Hibria’s heart , and whether the band stretches the use of their formula, it won’t change their essence even for a bit as far as they would try and upgrade their source of power. In conclusion, Hibria are not just a band that aims to create hits as if their music was Glam Metal. Their musical approach, especially on The Skull Collectors , is evidence that there are no limits to their articulation and creativeness.

Highlights: You’ll simply enjoy all the songs. If you desire catchiness or complex riffing and creativity, all of the tracks will provide you with the sweet taste of Melodic Power Metal driven by ample speed without any stop signs on the way. The worst track, not that it is actually “bad”, it’s just the weakest of them all, is “Burning All The Flags”.

If you seek the intensity and power, which exist in Euro acts such as Primal Fear and Sinner – Hibria is the best pick if you yearn for bad ass solos and melodies that prevail in Loudness’ tunes – yet again , Hibria is the exact band for this bliss.

Come and join Luri , Abel , Diego , Marco and Eduardo for one of the greatest Metal circuses which is The Skull Collectors.


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