SAVAGE BLADE – We Are The Hammer

SAVAGE BLADE - We Are The Hammer
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    SAVAGE BLADE - We Are The Hammer - 9/10


Release date: February 7, 2009

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It is said that True Metal will never die and it will keep on hammering us for future generations to come. The year 2009 ushers in the debut album of the Maple Leaf Canadian band trio Savage Blade. Under its great music of NWOBHM and classic US Power Metal, only a year after their formation, has already begun their conquest to ensure themselves a strong stance in the vast areas of the Metal world. Savage Blade teaches us a lesson that any Metalhead, young or old, should memorize… the past will always come back to punch us in the face, it is a never ending fact. With We Are The Hammer on the attack, past influences, achievements and outcomes will never stop banging at our doorsteps. Savage Blade is the hammer and the world is their anvil.

Savage Blade were able to create a magnificent effort of true vintage Heavy/Power Metal in the spirit of the 80s with clear influences that range from Saxon, Scorpions, Diamond Head, Judas Priest and Accept to Raven, 1984 era Anthrax, the warmongering Manowar and even the early days of Overkill. With all these gods hovering over We Are The Hammer, you can also catch various glimpses of classic Hard Rock, even though this domain is a Metal stronghold.

Armed with these classic influences, Savage Blade made sure that their sound would meet with the vintage standards and so did they obey. The album brings back the old chunky and heavy distortion mania, which also engulfs several melodic touches of NWOBHM that enrich the songs’ simple metallic rhythms and nostalgic solo sections. In addition, the usage of keyboards, with piano and other kinds of vintage keys’ effects and sounds, provides various feel to the band’s lesser heavy songs. Following these two enchanters come forth the great drums and the full covering bass aura. As the watcher in the sky, there is the vocal line. Singer, Nikko Forsberg, a star vocalist, who can even make do as a well-done Glam Metal singer with his raspy high notes that will roll the eyes of any Glam fan.

We Are The Hammer is a gold mine of highlights, almost every single track is awesome, here is a list of the best of them. “We Are The Hammer”, no doubt about it Savage Blade are True Metal’s hammer. “Night Of The Blade” is an Accept style song with an amazing chorus. “In The Eyes Of The Storm” is a cross between Saxon and the Scorpions (“Rock You Like A Hurricane” like song), an absolute slow tempo scorcher. “Stallions Of The Highway” is inspired by Judas Priest and Saxon’s early years – a Hard N’ Heavy rocking machine. “Magic Of The Night” is a wonderful song which is divided into 3 segments, two of the three are vintage Heavy Metal drills and a go between segment… this one will remain a surprise for you. “The Eagle Is Stranded”, will probably draw your thoughts to “The Eagle Has Landed” by Saxon, delivers Power/Heavy Metal in its finest melodic moments.

Canada, along the years, has proven to be an important Metal nation and if bands like Savage Blade keep on raising their heads, Canada will surely have a bright future ahead of them.


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